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15 Gifts for New Moms That AREN’T for the Baby

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Things New Moms Need for Themselves After Birth (That Probably Aren’t on Her Registry)

Today, we’re on the hunt for useful gifts for new moms that aren’t for the baby. Things new moms need for themselves, although they might not put them on their gift registry.

Let’s be real: she deserves it.

Because becoming a new mama is a LOT of work! Not only did she grow a baby for the past nine months, but she labored, gave birth, and is taking a brand new baby home.

(And even if she adopted her new baby, she has her work cut out for her in the months ahead!)

She has been through a lot, and now she has a newborn to care for. It’s only natural to want to spoil the baby, but Mom deserves attention too.

twelve gift ideas for new moms (that aren't for the baby)

Short on Time?

Here are the top five new mom gifts at a glance.

  1. Self Care Pick: TheraBox
  2. Best Water Bottle: Hydroflask
  3. Comfiest Slippers: Glerups
  4. Most Indulgent: Gourmet coffee
  5. Budget-Friendly Fave: Printable babysitting coupon

How I Selected the Best Non Baby Gifts For New Parents

As a three-time mom myself, I’m painfully aware that new moms are often forgotten once there’s a new kid in town. So, my sister (a mama of four herself!) and I put our heads together. We came up with all the things we, ourselves, would love to have received postpartum.

And I hope that you (or the new mom you’re shopping for) will enjoy these gift ideas, too.

Gifts for New Moms After Birth

You’re looking for non-baby gifts for new parents, and you’ve come to the right place. Expecting moms might not even be aware of what they’ll need for the first month to care for themselves.

And this is where YOU come in!

Mom wants to focus on healing and settling into her “nest” with her new addition (without worrying about the normal demands of daily life).

As a considerate friend or relative, you can help her out in this area. In this article, we’ll cover a variety of new mom gift baskets items that are just plain handy for a new mom.

And if you’re not really into materialistic gifts, but prefer to give gifts of service, I have ideas to cover that too! The gift of time is always appreciated by an exhausted new mom.

Mom is going to want to focus on healing and settling into her “nest” with her new addition without having to worry about the normal demands of daily life. Here's what new moms need for themselves (that probably weren't on her registry).Click To Tweet

1. New Mom Care Package

You might be wondering what kinds of things new moms need for themselves.

New mom care packages are such a thoughtful gift! They provide items that she can keep handy while caring for her new little one.

She probably doesn’t want to run all over the house looking for these things, though. A basket or a decorative box will keep them organized and reduce Mom’s stress level.

Here are some items that you could put in a basket. You could include just a few, or even all, of these things:

Fruit infuser water bottle

– Chapstick

– Hand sanitizer

Personalized insulated coffee mug

Gourmet coffee

– Snacks (granola bars, chocolate, etc.)

– Her favorite drink

Cell phone charger with extra long cord

– Bottle of wine

– Words of encouragement

2. Postpartum Recovery Kit

Her body has been through a lot, and a postpartum recovery kit is just what she needs to heal and recover. Here are a few things that she’ll really appreciate:

– Heating pad

Organic skin and scar balm

Herbal sitz bath

Herbal perineal spray

Organic perineal balm

Organic postpartum tea

3. Self Care Basket

New moms need a little pampering and will certainly enjoy an at-home spa gift basket. (But consider adding a massage gift certificate to it, as well!).

For this new mom care package, I would buy a plastic bin to place the items in so it can double as a foot soaking tub.

Include items such as:

– Bottle of wine

Charcoal mask

– Candle

Quick drying fingernail polish

– Foot lotion

4. TheraBox

Prefer to have someone else put together a self care box for the new mama? Give her either one month or a monthly subscription to a service like TheraBox.

At around $30, it’s super affordable, not to mention a phenomenal value (over $120 worth of product). In each box, she’ll receive:

  • 1 happiness boosting activity
  • 6-8 full size self care wellness products

Read my full review of the “Sweet Dreams” TheraBox here. Or head over to my list of the best postpartum subscription boxes for new moms here.

therabox opened up to show a variety of gifts for new moms that aren't for the baby

5. Home Cooked Meal

Cooking is the last thing new parents want to do when they’re sleep deprived with a new baby to care for.

Get together with a few other local families and put together a meal train.

Delivering meals to the new parents takes a lot of the stress out of the first few days or week after birth.

6. Meal Delivery

Not much of a cook? That’s okay! Or perhaps you don’t live near the new mom and dad.

First, communicate with the new parents and ask them what they like to eat. Ask when a good day and time would be to purchase their food, and then have it delivered to them at that time.

This is a great way to provide them with food that you KNOW they will like!

7. Restaurant or Grocery Gift Card

If neither of the above options appeals to you, give a gift card to a local restaurant instead.

Don’t know what kind of food they like? That’s okay! Grab a gift card that offers a few different restaurant options.

If you go this route, they aren’t committed to eating at just one place, but can choose from a few different options.

8. Grocery Delivery

Groceries are an incredibly helpful gift for busy moms. This is a great option if you feel comfortable asking them to make you a list of groceries that they need.

Due to the pandemic, there are more grocery stores now offering curbside pick up or home delivery. This could be a great option if you don’t have time to do the grocery shopping in person.

Simply shop online and have the food delivered when it’s convenient for the new parents.

Not comfortable doing someone else’s grocery shopping for them? The new mom will appreciate a gift card for groceries instead.

This also gives the new parents the freedom to use the funds on the gift cards when they need them. After all, they may have enough groceries already after the baby is born.

9. Snack Box

New moms are often so busy taking care of their baby that they forget to eat. But it’s important that she keeps her energy and blood sugar in check. (This is especially true if she’s breastfeeding, as I can attest!)

And that’s where healthy snacks come in.

With HealthyMe Living Snack Box, you could order a one-time snack box delivery…

OR… You could make sure she has healthy munchies delivered to her every month for the first few months, or even the whole first year, after having a baby.

Each box comes with:

  • 7-10 individually wrapped items
  • Hand-written card with gift message
  • Multiple shipping options

Use code HEALTHYSNACKS25 at checkout for special discount!

HealthyMe Living

10. Housekeeping

This is also a unique gift to give the new parents. It also depends on how well you know them, and how comfortable you are with helping out in their home.

As stated earlier, there is a lot for the new mom and dad to adjust to. They may not have time to keep up with laundry and the household chores.

Let them know that you are willing to help them around the house!

Not much of a housekeeper? Or don’t care for housework? Offer the new mom a gift certificate to a cleaning service.

They can help her with a deep cleaning at a time when she feels like she needs it the most.

11. Comfortable Clothing

This one works best if you’re close enough to know her style and what size she needs — or are comfortable asking her.

Trust me, though. She does NOT want to squeeze back into her pre-pregnancy jeans immediately after giving birth.

While most moms don’t need a ton of postpartum clothes, she’ll probably need a few different options (no thanks to spit up, milk leakage, and more).

A few ideas to help you out:

  • yoga pants
  • leggings
  • flowy sundresses
  • a robe
  • nursing tops
  • loose t-shirts
  • easy-access sweaters
  • nursing bras
  • comfy nightgowns

Pro Mom Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask her what she needs the most from this list! She may not have even thought about what she’s going to wear yet. But she’ll definitely be able to tell you what her postpartum wardrobe is missing.

12. Cozy Slippers

If it’s the middle of the winter, she’ll want some warm wool socks or cozy slippers. But even in the summer, her sore, swollen feet will be thankful for something comfy to wear.

An inexpensive pair of slippers will work wonderfully. Although if you reeeally want to spoil the new mom, she’ll LOVE a pair of wool

These babies are made in Denmark and have the capability to adjust so that your feet are a comfortable temperature in both hot and cold weather.

You can grab her a pair right here.

13. Diary or Bullet Journal

New moms experience a plethora of emotions after giving birth. And a lot of new moms experience mental health issues.

While nothing can replace the care of a healthcare professional, having a journal to write down whatever comes to mind can help during this time.

Check out this bullet journal kit that I found on Amazon. The teal journal comes with fineliner colored pens, stencils, stickers, washi tape, and a black pen.

14. Free Babysitting Voucher

The new mama might not be quite ready to leave her newborn behind and hit the town yet. But when she needs quality time away, she’ll appreciate your free babysitting coupon.

It won’t cost you much more than a few dollars and some of your time, either, when you grab a printable coupon from my shop. Just download and print — easy peasy!

15. High Quality Water Bottle

It’s so important for new moms to re-hydrate after giving birth. A good quality water bottle is a perfect way to show that you care about her wellbeing!

Yeti and Hydroflask are my two top picks. However, I’ve compiled a list of the ten best water bottles in this post that fit into a range of budgets.

Gifts for New Moms That AREN’T for the Baby

You definitely aren’t limited to this list — there are so many other options for gifting a new mom or dad! New babies are so exciting and a wonderful reason to celebrate.

But why not be the one friend who is different and spoils Mom?!

I dare you to give her the most unique, yet useful, gift that makes her feel special, loved, and rewarded for her hard work.

(Didn’t find the perfect non-baby gift for mom on this list? Check out the posts below for even more ideas.)

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