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The Best Breast Pump for Exclusively Expressing

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If you’re on the hunt for the best breast pump for exclusively expressing, and the thought of being attached to an outlet many times a day horrifies you, you’ll be happy to know that hands-free pumping “on the go” IS possible.

Yes, you can pump while running after your toddler, washing the dishes, and even while driving.

Seriously. You can even pump while lying down, believe it or not! And today, we’re here to talk about the wireless breast pump that makes it possible.


Best breast pump for exclusively expressing: Willow Wearable Breast Pump Generation 3


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Hands-Free Pumping “On the Go”

An electric pump that you don’t have to plug into an outlet? You’re probably wondering how exactly this magic works.

Simply charge these babies up (you can expect it to take about two hours), latch them onto your breasts, and hold each part in place with a well-fitted nursing bra.

Okay, there might be a little more to it than that, but you get the gist of it. 😉


Best Breast Pump for Exclusively Expressing

If you’ve ever found yourself mid-session when your toddler decided it was a great time to pour himself a bowl of cereal, minus the bowl, then you know where I’m coming from.

Or, your newborn was napping peacefully and woke up the second your milk let down.

Your hands are busy and it’s not exactly ideal to stop in the middle of a pumping session to deal with whatever chaos is happening right now.

The good news is that, with a wireless wearable breast pump, you can do all that and more.

While there’s a handful of awesome wearable pumps available, Willow is one that allows you to pump without being glued to an outlet.

A few things you should know about Willow:


  • you can pump anywhere, in any position
  • it’s designed for comfort — and more milk
  • pump & store OR pump & pour
  • quiet and hassle free
  • pump smarter


Pump While Lying Down

Willow is the “only pump that can promise true, spill-proof mobility for pumping moms thanks to our proprietary, patented technology that creates continuous suction similar to a baby’s latch.”

This means that, yes, you can even pump while lying down when you’re wearing a Willow wireless breast pump.


Reusable Milk Collection Containers

In the past, you could only collect milk in one-time-use milk bags. Which could end up costing you a pretty penny.

But no longer!

Now, you can pump directly into Willow’s reusable milk containers. Each container holds up to 4 ounces, and you’ll simply pour the milk into a bottle or storage container.


Operate Willow With an Online App

It seems that, in today’s day and age, everything connects to a smartphone app — and Willow is no exception!

When you connect your Willow pump to the app, it will automatically track sessions and milk volume.


Does Insurance Pay for Willow Pump?

Willow is now approved for either full or partial coverage by many health insurance companies, and you can even use your HSA or FSA account to pay for it.

It’s a good investment if you’re looking for the best breast pump for exclusively pumping — because pumping is hard work, and anything that helps to simplify the process is pure gold!


So, how can you get your hands on a set of your own?

Click here to order your Willow pump and get started on your hands-free pumping journey today.


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