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8 Best Baby Carriers for Hot Weather in 2023

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How to Choose the Best Baby Carrier for Summer + Our Top Picks

Looking for the best baby carrier for hot weather this summer? Look no further! Today, we’re going to break down the components of a great summer baby carrier. Then I’ll share our top eight picks.

Babywearing in the summer or in climates with hot weather can be sticky and miserable. There’s no way around it. That’s why you’ll definitely want a nice, cool baby carrier for the beach (or wherever you’re gonna be!).

Are you and your baby sweating like crazy? The good news is that you can continue babywearing in the summer. However, you’ll want a more lightweight baby carrier.

First, let’s go over a few things you might want to look for in a summer baby carrier. Then I’ll share a list of the best babywearing carriers for hot weather, and you can decide which is the best fit for you.

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Short on time? My “best baby carrier for hot weather” top pick is the Tula Coast Explore. Continue reading for the details on all eight of my top summer carriers!

What to Look for in a Summer Baby Carrier

Who knew there were so many different types of baby carriers? Or that some are better for newborns while others work well for toddlers? I had no idea until I was pregnant with my first baby!

And when shopping for the best baby carrier for hot weather, you have to consider:

  • what type of fabric is best for summer babywearing
  • whether you will be nursing your baby in the carrier
  • what color is best for summer

Whew! It can feel a little overwhelming. Let me help you figure out which carrier best fits your needs.

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Before you get started, ask yourself:

  1. What style of carrier am I looking for?
  2. Is my baby a newborn, infant, or toddler?
  3. Am I going to be using it at the beach?
  4. Will I carry my baby in front or back?
  5. Do I want to breastfeed while babywearing?

And here are a few more things to consider when choosing the best baby carrier for hot weather.

1. Fabric

The fabric should be lightweight and breathable. Cotton is a breathable material, as are linen and muslin. You’ll find mesh on a lot of the best baby carriers for summer, which allows air to pass through.

2. Color

Choose a light colored carrier if possible. Black and darker colors will absorb the sun’s heat, and your baby could potentially overheat.

3. Comfort

Some carriers have various features for added comfort, such as padded shoulder straps. Also, you will also want to make sure the carrier you choose has a wide seat to support your baby’s hip health.

4. UV Protection

Planning to spend a lot of time in the sun? Whether your baby is too young for sunscreen or you just want a little extra protection, you might want to look for a carrier with UV ray sun protection.

5. Ventilation

Some carriers are made with mesh for breathability, and some even have zippers to provide extra ventilation when it’s hot outside.

6. Hoods

Some baby carriers come with hoods that be removed, and snapped or buttoned back on. This helps provide extra protection from the sun (and rain).

The Best Baby Carriers for Summer

Here are the top eight choices for summer babywearing. They’re all popular for a number of different reasons!

1. Beachfront Baby Wrap

The Beachfront Baby Wrap is great for summer beach use. My favorite thing about this carrier? If you get it wet, the fast-drying fabric won’t stay wet for long.

Weight range: 8-30 lbs.

Fabric type: 100% polyester jersey mesh

Carrying positions:

  • front facing in


  • quick drying

Check out the Beachfront Baby Wrap on Amazon

2. Boba X

The Boba X is a great hot weather choice if you want to use the same carrier from birth through toddlerhood. I love that it has a lot of extra features! For example, a secret zippered pocket and an iPhone pocket.

Weight range: 7-45 lbs.

Fabric type: 100% cotton

Carrying positions:

  • front facing inward
  • back


  • Padded seat extenders that connect easily to the carrier with zippers and Velcro
  • Secret zippered pocket for hood storage (can also be used for extra neck support)
  • iPhone pocket on the waistbelt
  • Seat micro-adjusts from 8-21 inches in width (20-53 cm)
  • Panel body micro-adjusts from 12-16 inches in height (30-40 cm)
  • Contoured shoulder straps lengthen and shorten with Perfect Fit Adjusters (petite/tall friendly)
  • Crossable shoulder straps
  • Included toddler seat extenders
  • Elastic give on chest strap will make your whole carrying experience more flexible and comfortable
  • Purse strap holder- thoughtful touch to keep your bag(s) in place
  • Chest strap on smooth sliders that adjusts with a simple movement

Check out the Boba X on Amazon

3. Beco COOL Gemini

The Beco COOL Gemini is an awesome summer baby carrier for newborns and infants. You could likely even wear smaller toddlers in this carrier.

Weight range: 7-35 lbs.

Fabric type: 3D mesh

Carrying positions:

  • front facing in/out
  • hip
  • back


  • padded shoulder straps
  • new safety catch on straps
  • crossable shoulder straps
  • nursing friendly

Check out the Beco COOL Gemini on Amazon

4. Beco Toddler COOL

Is your kiddo at least 20 lbs? Do you want a carrier that will last for the next few years? Then I think the Beco Toddler COOL will work great for your needs.

Weight range: 20-60 lbs.

Fabric type: 3D mesh

Carrying positions:

  • front
  • back


  • hood and clutch
  • nursing friendly
  • crossable shoulder straps

Check out the Beco Toddler COOL on Amazon

5. Lillebaby CarryOn Airflow

The Lillebaby CarryOn Airflow is perfect for toddlers and bigger kiddos. Plus, it has extra lumbar support for those of us who need it.

Weight range: 20-60 lbs.

Fabric type: 3D breathable mesh

Carrying positions:

  • front
  • back
  • hip


  • removeable hood
  • two pockets
  • padded adjustable two-way straps
  • lumbar support

Check out the Lillebaby CarryOn Airflow on Amazon

6. Lillebaby Complete All Seasons

The Lillebaby Complete All Seasons is one of the most versatile carriers. It will last you from birth through toddlerhood! And, obviously, it’s the perfect choice for all seasons.

Weight range: 7-45 lbs.

Fabric type: 3D breathable mesh

Carrying positions:

  • fetal position,
  • infant inward,
  • ergonomic outward,
  • hip
  • toddler inward
  • back


  • Temperature-control panel: zips up for warmth or down for cool, breathable, 3D mesh
  • Unique lumbar support
  • Headrest
  • Sleeping hood for support & sun protection
  • Zippered pocket
  • Dual adjustable straps for easier breastfeeding
  • Generous padding and more

Check out the Lillebaby Complete All Seasons on Amazon

7. Tula Coast Explore

Do you get sore shoulders or an aching back when babywearing? The Tula Coast Explore boasts LOTS of extra padding! It also has a mesh panel for ultimate summer babywearing comfort.

Weight range: 7-45 lbs.

Fabric type: 100% cotton with mesh panel

Carrying positions:

  • front facing in/out
  • back


  • adjustable neck support pillow
  • wide padded waistband
  • padded leg openings
  • padded shoulder straps
  • nursing friendly

Check out the Tula Coast Explore on Amazon

8. Baby K’Tan Breeze

While I love wraps, they can throw a slight learning curve. The Baby K’Tan Breeze is a wrap without the frustration of actually having to learn how to wrap your baby. Pretty cool, right?!

Weight range: 8-35 lbs.

Fabric type: 100% natural cotton mesh

Carrying positions:

  • Newborn Kangaroo position
  • Hug position
  • Two hip position
  • Adventure position
  • Explore position
  • Hip position


  • frustration free wrap
  • carry bag/support sash included
  • nursing friendly

Check out the Baby K’Tan Breeze on Amazon

How Do I Keep My Baby From Overheating In A Carrier?

The benefits of babywearing are many, but it can get HOT, plain and simple. Besides choosing a lightweight, breathable baby carrier, what can you do to stay cool? Try these things while wearing your baby this summer.

1. Dress in light, loose clothing.

Cotton and linen are good choices, as are sports clothes that dry quickly.

Remember, the carrier is like an extra layer of clothing on your baby, and you don’t want to risk overheating.

2. Keep water readily available.

Water is important for maintaining hydration, but you can also use water in other ways for keeping cool.

Use a spray bottle to mist it onto your skin, as well as your baby’s hands and feet.

If your baby isn’t old enough to drink water, make sure to take plenty of breaks for feeding.

3. Stay in the shade.

To avoid overheating your baby, stay in the shade as much as possible. This is especially true while babywearing.

And, of course, apply baby sunscreen to babies who are old enough. Some experts recommend waiting till your baby is six months. However, I prefer the more common recommendation of twelve months.

4. Wick moisture with muslin.

Place a small muslin cloth between yourself and your baby to keep from getting too sticky. Make sure to replace it frequently with a dry cloth.

5. Protect your baby’s head.

If your carrier doesn’t have a hood, put a cute little sunhat on your baby to protect his face.

And it should go without saying, but never cover your baby’s face. There should be plenty of airflow while babywearing.

6. Stay indoors between 10 AM and 2 PM.

Avoid going outdoors for prolonged periods during the hottest part of the day. Early morning and evenings are the best times for taking your baby outside.

7. Check in on baby frequently.

Pay close attention to your baby’s cues. That’s just one of the best things about babywearing! You’re more likely to be in tune with your baby’s needs.

Plus, if you’re overheating, the odds are pretty good that your baby is, too.

Babywearing in Summer FAQ

And now for some commonly asked questions about summer babywearing.

What Should A Baby Wear In A Carrier In Summer?

It’s important to dress yourself and your baby in minimal clothing while babywearing in the summer. And the clothing you do wear should be lightweight. Remember, the carrier will act as another layer of clothing.

Opt for natural materials, like linen, or simply dress your baby in a diaper. You might also want to consider wearing sports clothing.

Be sure to stay in the shade as much as possible to keep your baby cool. Of course, you should apply sunscreen onto your baby’s skin if they’re old enough for an extra layer of protection.

Is Boba Wrap Too Hot For Summer?

If you’ve read my Boba Wrap review, you’re already aware that I’m a big Boba fan! But it’s definitely not a good carrier for babywearing in hot weather.

I had my firstborn in July and made the mistake of wearing her outside in the Boba Wrap when she was just a couple weeks old. Needless to say, I didn’t keep her in the wrap for long!

Thin, breathable carriers are often fine for summer. Unfortunately, the Boba is not quite lightweight enough.

Best Baby Carrier for Hot Weather

After going over this list of the best baby carriers for hot weather, which will you choose? If you plan on wearing your child in a carrier this summer, be sure to follow the tricks above for keeping cool.

After all, whether you choose one of these eight carriers or not, your baby’s safety is priority!

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