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21 Consumable Mother’s Day Gifts for Minimalist Moms

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Why Give Consumable Mother’s Day Gifts to Minimalist Moms?

I’m sure most moms will agree that any heartfelt gift is special, no matter what it is.

However, some of us try to keep the “stuff” to a minimum in our homes, and we might not have a lot of space to keep it.

So consumable gifts — anything that can be “used up”, so to speak — are great in that regard. We can use it and appreciate the person who gave it, but then it’s gone and we’re left only with the memories associated with it.

Do you have a Minimalist Mom in your life? Give her consumable Mother’s Day gifts!

Here are some ideas to help you get started.

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Personalized Gift From Little Ones

I’m starting out with this one because it’s the most heartfelt gift on the list. Who doesn’t love a personalized gift from the little ones? 

Pro Mom Tip: When she’s done with these, she can simply take a digital photo and either trash or recycle the hard copies.

1. Flower Handprint Craft

She’ll adore this DIY flower handprint craft!

mother's day flower handprint craft

Designed by Yours Truly, you can grab a copy via my Etsy shop, then simply print it right at home and press the kiddo’s painted hands at the top of the flower stem. The colorful handprints will look like flowers.

This craft comes in three different designs, for one, two, or three children. It also comes in US Letter and A4 sizes, and you can print as many copies as you like. 

2. Personalized Letter

I also designed this print-at-home “All About My Mom” questionnaire, along with an “All About My Grandma” and “All About My Great-Grandma” letter. 

Once you place your order, simply print as many copies as you need and fill in the blanks with your child’s answers (or let them fill it out).

Edible Mother’s Day Gifts

Treat Mom to something that she can eat or drink! Food is always a good choice if you’re trying to come up with consumable Mother’s Day gifts.

3. Decadent Chocolates

As I can personally attest, most moms love chocolate. She’s sure to love being treated to a box of decadent chocolates this Mother’s Day!

Looking for something a little more extravagant than one simple box of chocolates? Make sure she never runs out of chocolate by giving her a monthly subscription box!

Wondering about the best monthly chocolate subscriptions? Don’t worry, I have you covered!

  • Chocolate and Book is one of my favorite consumable gifts for moms, because she’ll get a monthly book box containing a book from a genre of your choice, hand-selected chocolate, and a hot drink.
  • Nettie’s Craft Brownies is another favorite. In this monthly subscription, they combine brownies and chocolates in one delicious bite.

(Nettie’s cuts up extra fudgy brownies into bite-sized pieces and hand-dip each one in chocolate. In fun flavors like Sea Salt, Peanut Butter, S’mores and Espresso, there is a bite for everyone!)

4. Gourmet Fruit Basket

Treat the mom in your life to a healthy fruit basket that’s filled with yummy treats. This gourmet fruit basket includes a variety of fruits, meats and cheeses, crackers, nuts, and even a little chocolate!


5. Coffee Subscriptions

Does your mom or wife love herself some coffee? If you want to go above and beyond, why not give her a monthly coffee delivery, or a coffee inspired gift?

Here are a couple of my favorite coffee boxes:

Tayst Coffee’s subscription box comes with superior beans, roasted fresh and packed into 100% compostable pods. Their beans are “roasted deep, then cooled slow and packed into Keurig Compatible pods”.


Give her a taste of Hawaii all year ’round with Hawaii’s Coffee Box. It’s Hawaii’s ONLY coffee of the month club!

She’ll get one or two Hawaiian roasts, which come from the islands of Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, and Kauai.

Want more coffee inspired gift ideas for the coffee-loving momma in your life? Check out my top 21 Gift Ideas for Moms Who Are Coffee Lovers!

6. Wine of the Month

If she’s a wine enthusiast, let her try out two new bottles of wine every month with a Wine of the Month Club subscription.

Each month, members receive premium wine selections from two different award-winning boutique vineyards. Plus, their monthly newsletter profiles the winemakers and provides tasting notes, recommended food accompaniments, and complementary recipes.

Beauty Products

Luxurious beauty products are fun, consumable Mother’s Day gifts because they are often something moms don’t buy for themselves.

Why not put together a thoughtful bundle of “home spa” items in a cute woven basket so she can pamper herself anytime she needs to feel pampered?

I promise, she’ll be impressed with a thoughtfully-curated gift like this!

7. Clay Facial Masks

Facial masks are so luxurious!

This Himalayan clay mud facial mask exfoliates, nourishes, and moisturizes skin. The pink clay is rich in silica, which is said to help improve skin elasticity and cell renewal for supple, younger looking skin. (Just don’t tell her she looks old!)

8. Luxurious Body Scrub

Complement the Himalayan facial mask (from #5 above) with a Himalayan body scrub!

This natural Himalayan pink salt body and face scrub souffle is infused with lychee fruit and sweet almond oil to provide her with a nice, exfoliating skin cleanse.

9. Citrus + Floral Perfume

Does she love to try out new types of perfume?

Don’t just buy any old bottle of cheap perfume. Give her one that will make her smile and think of you every time she spritzes it onto her wrist! Happy by Clinique is “a hint of citrus and a wealth of flowers” and it’s very affordable.

I don’t often wear perfume, but if I had to choose a favorite, this would be it.

10. Argan + Lavender Body Lotion

Give her the gift of 24-hour moisturization with this argan oil-infused body lotion.

As they say: “This lotion will create a sensation of inner calm in a cloud of heirloom French Lavender.”

11. Gel Nail Polish Kit

With this 20-piece gel nail polish kit, she can get pretty, professional nails at home.

The kit comes with popular and trendy colors suitable for spring and summer seasons, as well as normal everyday life.

Craft Supplies

Craft supplies are great consumable Mother’s Day gifts for crafty, minimalist moms. This is something she can actually use for making her creations.

Here are some craft supply ideas.

12. Scrapbooking Storage Tote

Okay, so this scrapbooking storage tote isn’t exactly a consumable gift, but I couldn’t resist adding it to the list anyway.

If the mom you’re shopping for is a scrapbooker, you can always give her more scrapbooking supplies. But if she already has a ton of supplies and no good place to store them, then she definitely needs this type of organization in her life!

13. Yarn 

Does she love to knit or crochet? She probably already has plenty of needles and hooks, but she can always use more yarn!

There are tons of yarn brands to choose from, but Caron Simply Soft Solids is definitely one of my faves, simply because it’s so soft and luxurious.

14. Embroidery Starter Set

An embroidery starter set is the perfect gift for mommas who are looking for a new hobby, but have never embroidered before.

The kit includes a bamboo embroidery hoop, color threads, flaxen cotton classic reserve aida with a stamped pattern on it, embroidery needles, plus instructions to help her get started.

15. Fabrics

Moms who sew or quilt are always looking for fabric to add to their stashes!

This 50 piece fabric bundle comes in 8-inch square pieces that would be perfect for making a quilt or small sewing projects.

16. Art Supplies

If she’s an artist, then she’s sure to appreciate a replenishment of any art supplies that are getting low!

Does she love to try a variety of different arts and crafts projects? Yes? Then she’ll really love this Adults and Crafts Crate, a monthly curated craft subscription box for adults and teens to create fun and trendy projects!

Every month is a different craft, which will give her the opportunity to learn a new craft technique like wood burning and engraving. She’ll learn to create beautiful products like wine carriers, epoxy resin coasters, and more!

17. Calligraphy Pens

Does the creative momma you know wants to learn calligraphy? Gift her a set of eight calligraphy pens so she can get started.


Consider donating to a charity in your mom’s name. Be sure to research first to be sure it’s a legitimate company. Better yet, ask her if she has a favorite cause that you can donate to.

18. Donations

Here are some of the various types of charities you could make a donation to.

  • cancer research
  • child protection
  • animals and animal protection
  • civil rights
  • environmental
  • homelessness
  • civil rights
  • women’s rights
  • hunger
  • literacy
  • mental health

Digital Subscriptions or Subscription Boxes

Digital subscriptions and subscription boxes are popular gifts in today’s world.

Give Mom a gift that keeps on giving with a subscription to something she’d enjoy.

19. Movie Streaming

Does she still rent movies the old fashioned way? If she’s not on the Amazon Prime train yet, give her the gift of movie streaming with a Prime subscription.

(Plus, if you live in the same house, you’ll benefit from this Mother’s Day gift, too!)

Check out Amazon’s movie streaming.

20. Monthly Subscription

Want to give her something she can enjoy all year long? Subscription boxes will delight her every single month! These five subscriptions are my favorites for moms.

Any Type of Experience

Most moms don’t necessarily want presents from you — they would prefer the gift of your presence. Your time is one of the best consumable Mother’s Day gifts you could give.

And if you can’t spend time with her on Mother’s Day, she is sure to love an “experience” gift that gives her some time to pamper herself.

21. The Gift of Experience

  • spa gift certificate
  • gift certificate for a massage
  • dinner out as a family
  • Mother’s Day brunch
  • barbecue at the park
  • plane tickets to a vacation destination
  • trip to a museum
  • wine tasting
  • weekend camping/hiking trip
  • rock climbing
  • sports game tickets
  • time together crafting
  • bowling/game night
  • pizza and movie together
  • help with gardening (or seeds to get her garden started)
  • painting party
  • snorkeling, scuba diving
  • spelunking (for adventurous moms!)

These categories are just meant to be a starting point when deciding on a consumable Mother’s Day gift; the possibilities are endless. And if all else fails, a succulent subscription is a good choice.

Which of these consumable Mother’s Day gifts will you give your mom or wife this year?

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  1. I love the idea of a consumable gift. I feel like my mom has everything she needs, and she has the means to go buy something if she wants it! A consumable gift is thoughtful and something she might not buy herself.

    1. You are SO right…it’s really hard to think of gifts for people who have the means to buy the things they want, and who have everything they need already.

    1. Lol!! Craft supplies are great gifts for so many of us. I don’t often buy them for myself because they can be so expensive!

  2. My favorite gifts to give or receive are of one’s time. Whether something homemade (crafts or preserved foods) or coupons for various chores etc., I find they are the most appreciated by all, including me.

    1. I absolutely agree. Some of my favorite gifts have been homemade goodies and handcrafted items. And I definitely wouldn’t say no if someone offered to help out with housework! LOL!

  3. Love your “experience” gift ideas!! A game night with pizza is right up my alley. Great list of options!

    1. Same here, I’d much rather stay home for pizza and game night, and spend time with family, than go out.

    1. Thanks! I always have such a hard time coming up with gift ideas, which is why I started this list. 🙂

  4. I love giving experiences – once I took my mom to the Tower of the America’s in San Antonio to enjoy dining in the sky. My dad is more adventurous, so I took him below the earth to go spelunking through a cavern in pitch black with a headlamp. I like your suggested experiences – helps me out with gift giving this year! 😉

  5. My mom has gotten into crocheting, so I tried to get her supplies for her new hobby. I didn’t realize there were “specific” sticks (hooks?) for the certain types of yarn! I just chose random ones at opposite size ranges. She tried explaining it to me and most of it just went over my head. Next time, I think I’m just gonna send her a gift card to Hobby Lobby! ?

  6. Love your ideas! I feel like donations on special days are becoming more and more popular. Love that!

    1. I think so too and, in fact, we’ve made donations on several occasions for holidays/special days. 🙂

  7. These are brilliant… I don’t have the space for more stuff so I am going to use this as a basis for whish lists

  8. These are really great gift ideas. I personally love the spa gift certificate. I think every mom can use a great spa treatment 🙂

  9. Great ideas! I love it. I always have to remind my kids to not give me anything. Just their time. But I have to remind myself to do the same for my mom. Thank you!

  10. What great ideas!! I love all of these and I think memories are worth so much more than stuff.

  11. This is exactly what I do for my mom. She doesn’t need more stuff to clutter her house or dust around. Most often my sister and I take her out to dinner. But I’ve also given her herb plants and flowers for her garden, herbal tea blends, and experiences such as an afternoon tea or a day trip. It’s a great way to deepen our bond.

  12. These are fabulous ideas and I’ll be sharing with my daughter for her little ones. Love the pic of you and your daughter up top! ?

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