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The Best Postpartum Subscription Box for a New Mom

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What’s the Best New Mom Subscription Box? Let’s Find Out!

Looking for the best postpartum subscription box for a new mom in your life? Something that will make her smile month after month as she heals and adjusts to life with her new little bundle?

You’re in luck! There are plenty of awesome subscription boxes for new moms at your disposal.

Whether you’re looking for a monthly subscription box to help her along in her breastfeeding journey or one that will pamper her month after month, we’ve got you covered.

Today, I’m here to share with you some of the best new mom subscription boxes that I could find.

These monthly gifts are perfect for anyone who has a new baby and could use a little pick-me-up, whether you opt for a monthly subscription or just one postpartum gift box.

Let’s dive right in!

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Best Postpartum Subscription Box 

Don’t worry, I’ll list a few other new mom subscription boxes for you to choose from in just a minute — but first, I wanted to get right to it and share my top pick.

My top choice for the best postpartum subscription box for a new mom is called Cater to Mom, a postpartum self-care box for both new and seasoned moms.

Cater To Mom

I love that these items are:

  • Organic
  • Natural
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free

In each box, there are six to eight bath and beauty products, teas, healthy snacks, self-care tips, postpartum care resources, and so much more. (That’s a lot of awesomeness in just one month!)

It’s the perfect baby shower gift — or, if you’re the new momma, a wonderful pick-me-up that you can enjoy month after month for as long as you want to receive it. I promise, you deserve it!

Price: Starts at $37.39 per month

Shipping: First box ships within 2 – 4 business days. Subsequent boxes will ship on the 18th of each month.

What is a Postpartum Box?

A postpartum box contains items that help ease the healing process and lift up the new momma during the “fourth trimester” (aka postpartum period) and beyond.

It might include products to aid in physical healing after giving birth (comfy mesh undies, sitz bath, etc.), items that make the breastfeeding journey a little easier and more enjoyable, or even things that simply exist to pamper her.

In this article, I’ll be sharing boxes that fit into each of these categories, so make sure to keep on scrollin’ if you don’t see the perfect one immediately.

Why Send a Monthly Box to the New Mom?

Being a mom is an often-thankless job. Going through pregnancy, labor, and delivery is a LOT!

And even if she didn’t physically carry the baby in her belly over the past nine months, simply having a new baby to take care of can be exhausting.

By sending the new mom a monthly subscription box (or even one postpartum box), you’re saying, “I see you.” 

Oftentimes, that’s all we moms (and, yes, even dads) want. To be seen during this tiring time.

Sending a “new mom box” is a wonderful way to put a smile on her face and lift her up during what could be some of her most difficult days.

Breastfeeding Subscription Box Options

Before we move on to the rest of the new mom subscriptions, I wanted to share a few of the best breastfeeding boxes for nursing mommas.

Peace, Love & Breastmilk (starting at $35.99)

Peace, Love & Breastmilk

Each Peace, Love & Breastmilk box contains five hand-picked items to support not only the lactation journey, but the mother’s mental wellness and self-care needs as well.

It includes items like:

  • Affirmation cards
  • Lactation cookies
  • Nursing covers
  • Water bottles
  • Bath bombs
  • Body butters
  • Handmade soaps
  • And more….

Price: Starts at $35.99 per month

Shipping: Boxes ship starting on the 5th of each month. Tracking information sent via email prior to shipping.

The Boobie Box (starting at $25.50)

The Boobie Box

Thi subscription for nursing parents includes brands such as OatMama, Bamboobies, NursElet, and Milkmakers.

Included in the Boobie Box: lactation teas and drinks, bars and cookies, various breastfeeding products, and even items for the baby.

Better yet? They even cater to people with allergies!

Price: Starts at $25.50 per month

Shipping: Subscription Boxes ship on the 5th of every month. Tracking info sent on the 4th. Renews on the 15th. Cancel or skip at anytime.

Breastfeeding Subscription Box (starting at $39.99)

Milk Buds

When you subscribe to the Breastfeeding Subscription Box, you (or the recipient) will get four to six carefully-selected items to help make your nursing or pumping journey a little easier.

In addition to some great products, there is also exclusive content from Dr. Brittany Odom, CLC, and other professionals, located in the Lactation Library. PLUS, the support of the Milk Buds Moms community.

It doesn’t get much better than that!

Price: Starts at $39.99

Shipping: Ships by the 5th every month.

Other Awesome Subscription Boxes for a New Mom

Now that we’ve covered my top postpartum subscription box recommendation, along with some breastfeeding-specific subscriptions, let’s move on to the rest of the awesome boxes I was able to dig up!

Oh Baby Boxes (starting at $35.99)

Oh Baby Boxes

This one is a pregnancy AND postpartum box that is custom tailored to your due date. Each month, Oh Baby Boxes sends six to eight products (worth over $100) that promote a healthy and relaxed pregnancy and beyond.

Types of products included in this box:

  • Wellness 
  • Skincare
  • Fashion
  • And more!

Price: Starts at $35.99 per month

Shipping: Free Shipping! First box ships immediately within 1-3 business days of your order, and subsequent boxes ship between the 15-20th of each month.

TheraBox (starting at $30.99)

TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box

Treat the new mama to a monthly box thoughtfully curated by real life therapists to bring a little extra joy to her life. Each TheraBox contains over $120 worth of items including:

  • 1 happiness boosting activity
  • 6-8 full size self care wellness products

Price: Starts at $30.99 per month

Shipping: All boxes ship between the 24th-29th of each month!

Mother Snacker (starting at $52.00)

Mother Snacker

Now, this is a subscription I can get on board with! Filled with five to seven yummy treats, unique everyday essentials, and inspiration/encouragement, the Mother Snacker features a new theme each month to make Mom’s life sweeter.

Price: Starts at $52.00 per month

Shipping: First box ships within 3 business days of your order, following boxes ship around the 15th of each month. Renews monthly on the 20th.

Ecocentric Mom (starting at $37.92)

Ecocentric Mom

This one is a subscription for mindful mamas who love to discover the latest eco-friendly products. Each Ecocentric Mom box contains three to five natural, organic, and small batch items.

There will be one or two items to pamper Mom and two to three pregnancy- or baby-specific products that match up to Baby’s monthly age (up to 24 months). 

Price: Starts at $37.92 per month

Shipping: Boxes ship around the 5th of each month. Renews monthly on the 15th.

The Mama Bird Box (starting at $34.95)

Mama Bird Box

Mama Bird Box comes with a mix of four to six pampering items that encourage the health and wellbeing of pregnant and new moms. Items include: 

  • Organic skincare
  • Healthy snacks
  • Accessories
  • Supplements
  • And more!

Price: Starts at $34.95

Shipping: Boxes ship weekly! Boxes ship about a week after an order is placed.

The Nurtured 9 (starting at $127.00)

Nurtured 9

The Nurtured 9 is a little more on the costly side, but contains some truly luxurious, high-end gifts for new mommas. There will be three shipments, each a month apart, to pamper her during the “fourth trimester”.

Box One contains a maternity/postpartum pajama set, Copper Pearl nursing and car seat cover, The First Forty Days Postpartum cookbook, and a Kitsche ice roller.

Box Two contains a SnowFox sheet mask, Tuck Bundle baby carrying wrap, and a handmade Just for You Mama mug.

Box Three contains a Just for You Mama stone baseball cap, a tote/diaper bag organizer insert, a Wander organic Turkish cotton towel, and a beautiful to-do list. 

Price: Starts at $127.00 per month

Shipping: First box ships within 2-3 business days of when you place your order. The second box ships 30 days later, and the third ships 30 days after that. Ships to select countries from United States.

Baby and Sunshine (starting at $47.92)

Baby and Sunshine

Baby and Sunshine boxes are filled with fun clothing and essentials for both mommy and baby! This one is great during pregnancy and postpartum.

The boxes contain items like:

  • Soft and comfy fabrics for babies
  • Cute and functional clothing for Mom

(Plus, they make an effort to support at least one or two small, local shops every single month!)

Price: Starts at $47.92 per month

Shipping: First box ships within one week of first order. Subsequent boxes ship out within one week of monthly renewals. Only ships within the United States.

Which of these postpartum subscription boxes for new moms is your favorite?

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