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What’s a Baby Wrap You Can Nurse In?

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Babywearing + Breastfeeding Tips and Tricks

Wondering what’s the best baby wrap you can nurse your child in?

Baby wearing and breastfeeding go waaay back, probably to the beginning of time. And although our daily tasks are a lot different now than back then, Moms have always had a lot on their plates.

But hungry babies can’t always wait for us to check everything off the never ending to-do list!

That’s where baby wearing comes in. While I’ve found that some tasks are simply impossible while having a baby attached to me (whether in a wrap or not), baby wearing sure comes in handy at times.

Grocery shopping? Yep!

Walking around the block? Absolutely!

Sweeping the floor? Been there, done that.

Making your third cup of coffee? Sure, why not…


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Many women considering investing in a baby wrap have often wondered….


Can You Breastfeed in a Baby Wrap?

Did you know that baby wearing helps improve your chances of having a successful breastfeeding relationship?

This is due to increased skin to skin, resulting in increased production of prolactin (the hormone that tells the body to make breastmilk).

Additionally, when baby is near your breasts, he can smell your milk and will often start rooting around or ask to nurse. So, can you actually breastfeed in a baby wrap? Yes, you can!

Baby carriers allow you to nurse comfortably (and discreetly) while out and about, or even at home while your hands are otherwise occupied.


Baby carriers allow you to nurse comfortably (and discreetly) while out and about, or even at home while your hands are otherwise occupied.Click To Tweet


Now, I’ll be completely open here: I have never actually nursed my babies in a wrap or carrier of any type.

Although I’ve done many things while baby wearing, I have always taken my babies out of the wrap for breastfeeding.

But many women have proven that, with a little practice, you certainly can do it.

Continue reading to find out if you can breastfeed your baby in any other type of carrier; which is the most popular baby wrap you can nurse in; and to get step by step instructions for tying your wrap, placing baby inside it, and breastfeeding your child while baby wearing.


What Baby Carriers Can You Nurse In?

Types of Baby Carriers

There are a number of different types of baby carriers. Are some better than others for breastfeeding while baby wearing?

According to my research, these baby carriers are compatible with nursing:


  • Baby wrap
  • Structured carrier
  • Ring sling

Nursing in a Wrap Carrier

In my research, it appears that the wrap style carrier (Boba is one of the more popular brands) is the most commonly chosen for breastfeeding.

They are comfortable for all body types, you can get baby into it without help, and they are budget friendly!


photo of the author and her baby


How Do You Breastfeed in a Wrap Carrier?

Let’s go over the step by step instructions to tying your Boba wrap, instructions for placing your baby in the wrap, then instructions for nursing in your wrap. There are videos to accompany each of the steps.


Tying a Boba Wrap Step by Step Instructions


How to tie your wrap:


  1. Open the wrap and look for the Boba logo in the center, then hold it over your navel (label facing outward).
  2. Cross both ends behind your back. Pull each side up and over your shoulders, making sure to keep the fabric stretched. It shouldn’t twist.
  3. Now hold both pieces in one hand, completely tucking them under the section with the logo on it. Make sure to keep a little tension.
  4. Tug it downward, and the logo should rise to your chest. The wrap should fit you snugly.
  5. Cross the ends again, bringing them around your waist behind your back. Make sure they cross each other high on your chest, across the sternum. You don’t have to leave space for your baby, since the wrap will stretch.
  6. Cross the wrap behind your back once again. If there is enough fabric, you can bring it back to the front. Finally, tie a double knot — either in the back, in front, or on your hip.

Placing Your Baby in a Boba Wrap Step by Step Instructions


How to put your baby in the wrap:

  1. Place baby up on your shoulder; make sure to keep her legs in the ‘M’ position.
  2. Grab the inside panel (closest to your body) and wrap it around your body.
  3. Wrap the other panel around baby and reach into the sides, adjusting her legs.
  4. Lift the front panel up over baby’s body; make sure her head is close enough to kiss.
  5. Baby’s nose should be parallel to the ground, chin should be up, and airway should be clear.
  6. Pull one of the shoulder panels over the back of baby’s head for support (not over her face though) while she’s sleeping.

Breastfeeding in a Boba wrap step by step instructions



How to nurse your baby in the Boba wrap:

  1. For more discretion, consider wearing a tank top under a looser lower-necked shirt.
  2. Open the fabric panels a little bit. Make sure your baby is still well supported.
  3. Move him down a little in his seat by pressing on his legs at the hips. You and baby should still be tummy to tummy.
  4. Stretch the shoulder strap over to the side, and reach in to pull up your shirt (and lower the tank top if you’re wearing one).
  5. You can either reach inside or from the outside under the panel and lift your breast for baby to latch.
  6. Lift the label piece back up to his neck, and you’re all set.

Concluding Thoughts

There is a slight learning curve when it comes to tying a wrap, and even more so when nursing while baby wearing. But if you’re wondering what’s the best baby wrap you can nurse in, the Boba wrap is our recommendation.

It’s made of cotton for breathability plus spandex for a stretch that doesn’t stay stretched out. It fits any body size or type. And it can easily be adjusted when your baby gets hungry.


Ready to order? Great! Boba.com is offering FREE SHIPPING on all US orders right now.


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