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35 Gifts That Stay at Home Moms Actually Want

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You’re on the hunt for the best gifts for stay at home moms, and you’ve landed in the right place!

Whether it’s a gift for her birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, or for any other special occasion, I’ve got your back. After all, I’m a stay at home mom myself, so I can tell you what I’d love to receive. I’ll also include things that I’ve tried (and loved) myself.

You might be wondering if she would rather get something practical or something fun. And I know firsthand that stay at home moms often say they would rather receive something useful. Something they NEED. 

I know because I’ve said it myself many times. But I’m here to tell you: Don’t do it. 

Get her something fun! Something that’s for HER; something that will pamper her or make her life easier in some way. 

Because, here’s the thing: Moms don’t often buy things for themselves. And we rarely buy things simply because we want them!

So while I could easily come up with a long list of cooking and cleaning gadgets, that’s exactly what I’m NOT going to do. Today’s post is all about stay at home mom gifts that say you care. 

Ready? Let’s go!

family sitting on the couch while mom opens her present; text that reads: 35+ gift ideas for stay at home moms

Gifts for Stay at Home Moms

As a stay at home mom, I can vouch for the items on this list. I’ve either used them myself OR I would love to receive them as a gift!

1. Wireless Earbuds

blue wireless earbuds inside the charging case

For the mom who enjoys listening to audiobooks or podcasts, wireless earbuds are a must. I usually wear one (yes, only one!) of the earbuds while puttering around the house. This way, I can still keep tabs on my kids while listening to something more my speed than nursery rhymes.

2. Extra Long Charger Cord

my hand holding the extra long charger cord I received as a gift

Surely I’m not the only mom who does everything on her phone! I use it to order groceries and diapers and to read ebooks, for example. I do most of these things while nursing my youngest daughter.

But what’s really frustrating? When my battery dies!

Standard chargers aren’t long enough to reach from the outlets to the seats in our living room. Which is why my eldest daughter suggested that I needed an extra long charger cord. My husband gave it to me a couple Christmases ago – and it was the perfect gift.

3. Slippers

moccasin slippers that I received as a Mother's Day gift

Because I spend so much more time at home than I used to, my slippers get worn out much more quickly now. I use them until they’re full of holes and falling apart. 

While slippers might sound like a boring gift, it’s one that I get excited about! And the best part is that they come in a wide range of prices, so you should be able to find a pair no matter your budget.

4. Aromatherapy Diffuser + Essential Oils

my modest collection of essential oils, which I use in my essential oil diffuser

An aromatherapy diffuser and a set of essential oils is the perfect gift for a stressed out mom! While I use a cheap diffuser that doubles as a night light, I’d recommend putting a little bit of thought into choosing one for her.

It really doesn’t cost much more to buy one that is beautiful and blends with the home decor.

For essential oils, I mainly use Plant Therapy, and you can find their gift sets on Amazon.

5. Massager

my massage gun and various attachments

There are a lot of different options that fit into a range of budgets. For example, you could get her a simple percussion therapy gun like the one I received for my last birthday. 

Or you could buy a shiatsu massager that targets specific body parts, such as the feet or neck/shoulders. Or even a full back massager. 

Want to go all out and spoil her? Go ahead and get her a gift certificate for a professional massage. I don’t think I know even one stay at home mom who doesn’t need it!

6. Water Bottle

If she’s at all like me, she might be holding off on buying herself a new one because her old water bottle “still works”. In which case a good quality water bottle could be the perfect gift for her! (Check out my list of the top ten water bottles here if you need some ideas.)

7. Smart Speaker

google home mini speaker

This is another gift I’ve received that’s proved its worth over the years. There are many different smart speaker options available, but we’ve purchased a couple Google Home Minis for our home. 

It has a multitude of functions, but we use ours ALL the time to play music or to set reminders.

8. Weighted Blanket

What mom couldn’t use more sleep (or better quality sleep)?! Weighted blankets have beads sewn inside to add more weight. 

The idea behind these heavier blankets is to promote a feeling of security for better sleep.  I’ve always wanted a weighted blanket, and hopefully one day I’ll finally have one.

9. TheraBox

the therabox i received to try out filled with sleep related products

Subscription boxes are truly a gift that keeps on giving! TheraBox is a self care subscription box promoting wellbeing. She’ll receive a variety of products carefully curated around a monthly “theme”.

A while back, I received a TheraBox to try and subsequently wrote an in-depth review on it. You can read my TheraBox review here.

10. Robot Vacuum

eufy robot vacuum, another stay at home mom gift i received one year for mother's day

Okay, I know – I said I wouldn’t list any cleaning products, but hear me out! While a new vacuum cleaner will give the message that she needs to do more cleaning, a robot vacuum like Eufy does all the cleaning. 

I’ve found that it’s really helpful in keeping the pet hair and dust bunnies to a minimum. I used to run mine every night (or every other night) when we had darker wood laminate flooring. 

Is she the one who typically cleans the floors? Then she’s sure to appreciate this thoughtful gift! 

11. Custom Family Portrait

Got a photo of the whole family, or even separate photos of all the family members? Send them to an artist who will then turn it into a custom family watercolor, oil portrait, or even a cartoon rendering! This would be such a special gift to receive, and it would make a beautiful piece of wall art to treasure over the years. 

12. Beautiful Journal

There’s nothing like a brand new journal with a beautifully designed cover. Even as a child, I enjoyed receiving a new journal as a gift, and I still do to this day. There are lots of different options on today’s market, from blank notebooks to gratitude journals with prompts.

13. Coffee and a Classic

This is the perfect gift for a mama who loves drinking coffee and reading. Coffee and a Classic is a super fun subscription box! They regularly deliver hot drinks, books, and bookish gifts to their recipients.  

14. Personalized Coffee Mug

travel mug with handle and "tonya" engraved on it with a heart attached to the "a"

I would never have purchased a personalized coffee mug for myself… But I absolutely love drinking out of the mug I received as a gift with my name engraved on it! There’s no mistaking who it belongs to.

15. Chocolate

I couldn’t possibly refuse the gift of chocolate. And I suspect I’m not alone in this sentiment!

16. Fresh Flowers

A bouquet of fresh flowers is another welcomed gift. (Unfortunately, my cats agree, so it’s not often that I have real plants inside my house.) That’s assuming the recipient is not allergic, of course.

17. Waterproof Speaker

waterproof speaker, a great gift idea for stay at home moms

Okay, so this is a gift I haven’t personally received, but I have gifted a waterproof speaker to my husband and he uses it ALL.THE.TIME. You can bring it into the shower or even outdoors. Pair it with your phone or another music-playing device, and enjoy!

18. Willow Tree Decor

I received my first Willow Tree figurine at eighteen years old, and I’ve since acquired a couple more. They’re so beautiful and meaningful! The perfect gift for a sentimental mom.

19. Professional Family Photos

One Mother’s Day, my husband gave me a family photo session as my gift. They were our first professional photos since having our third daughter. Those photos now hang proudly in our entryway! 

Sure, this gift requires a slightly higher budget. But professional photos are meaningful and provide memories to last a lifetime. 

20. Shower Steamers

If you really want to pamper the mama in your life, get her a set of shower steamers. As they dissolve in the hot water, they’ll release a delicious scent. She’ll enjoy a blissful aromatherapy session while she takes a nice, long shower! 

21. Gardening Basket

Does she love to garden? Or has she talked about starting one? A gardening basket is the perfect gift for the mom with a green thumb!  Fill the basket with gardening goodies like seeds, tools, and gloves. 

22. Immersion Blender

black immersion blender on my countertop

I know, I know! I said no cooking gadgets…

But an immersion blender is a thoughtful gift for mamas who enjoy smoothies or blended coffee drinks. It’s much smaller and easier to clean than a standard blender, so she’s sure to love it!

23. Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Oftentimes, moms end up drinking cold coffee when their hot brew cools down faster than they can drink it. However, a cold brew coffee maker is a convenient way to intentionally brew a whole batch of cold coffee! 

She can make a whole pitcher and keep it in the fridge for up to two weeks. This way, it’s ready to go whenever she’s craving a cold coffee drink. I like to add some flavorings to my cold brew, then top it with some whipped cream for a delicious treat.

24. Custom Jewelry

Custom jewelry is such a meaningful gift! At least, so long as she’s someone who enjoys wearing jewelry like necklaces, rings, and bracelets. You can buy custom jewelry with her initials and children’s birthstones, like this birthstone bracelet, for example.  

25. Cozy Pajamas

I rarely buy myself pajamas. I typically throw on whatever comfy t-shirt is clean, along with some sweats or shorts. But I would love a cozy pair of pajamas!

It’s one of those things I can’t justify buying for myself, even though my daughters have some of the cutest jammies. So if she’s anything like me, she’ll love receiving her own cozy pair of pajamas!

26. Brain Games Book

brain games book opened up to one of the pages inside with a pattern that reads "calm" and a fineliner pen on top

For some of us, the “mom brain” is very real. Which is why it’s important to spend time relaxing and flexing our “brain muscles” regularly. I discovered the Thinking Tree’s Brain Games books a while back, and found them to be a great way to do just that.

Filled with doodling challenges and coloring pages, they help improve focus and lift brain fog. It’s the perfect activity to work on while drinking that morning cup of coffee!

27. Babysitting Coupon

printable babysitting coupons that i designed to give as a gift for stay at home moms

This one is super budget-friendly! It costs little-to-no money. The biggest “expense” is a little of your time. Gift her some free babysitting time, offering a coupon to be redeemed when she needs a little time away. 

Unsurprisingly, my printable babysitting coupons have been a huge hit! What better present to offer than the gift of your time and love?

28. Custom Family Sculpture

tin figurines sitting on a wood block engraved with "the mickelson family 2022"

This is a gift my husband gave for our tenth wedding anniversary. It’s a set of tin sculptures of our family – pets included – sitting on a block of wood. (Which doubles as a storage container!) 

Such a cute and meaningful gift.

29. Clothing Subscription

To be honest, I’ve never been much of a shopper anyway, but since having kids, I rarely buy clothes for myself anymore. But I did look forward to my Stitch Fix deliveries every few months while I was subscribed.

A clothing subscription could be perfect for moms who love fashion! And, of course, for moms who have no time (or inclination) to shop for themselves.

30. Facial Gift Basket

Spoil the mama in your life with a gift basket filled with facial care products! You could add products like:

She will not only feel amazing, but she’ll appreciate the thought you put into selecting each item.

31. Tea Ball + Loose Leaf Teas

tea ball sitting on a tea holder, both of which would make nice gifts for stay at home moms who love tea

Is she a tea drinker? Does she use boxed tea packets? Then a beautiful tea ball and an assortment of loose leaf teas will really spoil her!

While I personally prefer coffee, my husband really loves tea. He also loves the tea ball I gifted him a few years ago and uses it regularly. We’ve had to re-stock our loose leaf teas many times!

32. Coffee Grinder

The fresher the better!

Does she love coffee? Then consider a coffee grinder. She’ll definitely enjoy drinking coffee made with freshly-ground beans.  

33. Microwavable Heat Pack

What mama doesn’t suffer from neck and shoulder tension? Get her a microwavable rice pack that’s the right shape to wrap around her neck and shoulders. And if you get a heat pack like this one, it also wraps around the back, abdomen, or wherever it’s needed most.

It’ll really help ease that tension! (Seriously, I have one, and it feels amazing!) 

34. Audible Subscription

Does she love listening to audiobooks? Consider signing her up for an Audible subscription.

If you remember, the first item on this list is wireless earbuds. I listed them first because I love listening to something while doing housework.

And while I have tried the Audible free trial, I don’t currently pay for a subscription. That’s not to say I wouldn’t love receiving it as a gift, because I most certainly would!

35. Coffee Gift Card

starbucks gift card

Whew! We’re finally at the end of the list of gifts that stay at home moms actually want. And the final item is a simple (and perhaps obvious) choice, but it’s actually a good one.

I’ve received many gift cards to Caribou and Starbucks, and honestly, I still love getting them.

I’m usually hesitant to spend so much money on fancy coffee. But if I have a coffee gift card, it provides the motivation I need to go run my errands. Because then I can treat myself while I’m out of the house. 🙂

Should I Get a Practical Gift for the Stay at Home Mom?

Unless she specifically mentions a particular “practical” item that she wants, then no! Avoid practical gifts and give her something more meaningful, something that is just for her. 

And if you really must buy a cooking or cleaning gadget, then pair it with something “fun” as well. Because she’s worth it!

Final Thoughts on Stay at Home Mom Gifts

And that’s a wrap! My long list of thoughtful gift ideas for stay at home moms. Things that she wants and will actually use based on my own experience as a stay at home mama. 

These are all items I’m very unlikely to buy for myself, but that I would love to receive – or have already received. And that’s how I know they’re the perfect gifts for other stay at home moms!

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