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How to Choose the Best Cloth Diapers on Amazon (and Our Top 9 Picks!)

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9 Types of Cloth Diapers + Tips for Choosing the Best One for You

If you are shopping for cloth diapers on Amazon, you might get a little overwhelmed by the abundance of options.

There are so many different types of cloth diapers and brands of cloth diapers on Amazon. Not to mention, all the other places to buy cloth diapers online.

If you are just getting started with cloth diapering, how do you know where to start?

…and that, my friend, is why I have put together this guide.


But, First…

You’ll want to answer the following questions:


  • What style of cloth diapers do you want to use?
  • Which type of material should you choose?
  • How many diapers do you need to get started?
  • What is your starting budget?
  • Do you want to use a certain brand?

Don’t worry if you don’t know the answers just yet!

In this article, we’ll go over each of these questions to help give you a better idea of what to look for when looking for cloth diapers on Amazon.


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Common Materials Used in Cloth Diapers

There are a few different material types used in cloth diapers. Maybe you have a preference, or maybe it doesn’t matter to you. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to be aware of the different materials available.


  • bamboo
  • cotton
  • hemp
  • modal
  • polyester
  • fleece
  • wool
  • “stay dry” fabrics: microfleece, suedecloth, etc.

How Much Do They Cost?

Yes, cloth diapers have a high upfront cost. You might find yourself with a case of sticker shock when presented with the total price.

You can expect to spend a bit more upfront than you would on a couple boxes of disposables.

A couple hundred dollars is pretty standard, although if you’re on a really tight budget and want the cheapest diapers, you could probably spend a lot less.

(Especially if you go with flats or prefolds and a cover!)

Cloth diapers can cost anywhere from a few dollars each to more than twenty dollars each. 

Yes, the cost per diaper might seem insanely high. But remember — you will need to keep on buying disposable diapers until your child potty trains.

Once you have your collection of cloth diapers, you shouldn’t have to buy any more. Unless you want to, of course!

If you don’t have any cloth diapers yet, you might be able to save money by buying them in a set on Amazon. This means you could end up with six identical diapers or a set of pre-selected colors and patterns.

But if you’re on a tight budget, color and pattern shouldn’t be a major factor in your purchasing decision.

If you already have some cloth diapers and just want to add a few more to your collection, then you might prefer to choose a single diaper based on color or pattern.

(Seriously, have you seen how adorable cloth diapers are?!)


photo of baby wearing a cloth diaper


Top Cloth Diapers on Amazon by Type

Here’s an overview of the nine different types of cloth diapers to choose from. Each has its advantages and disadvantages — but to save you a lot of time and frustration, I have done a lot of the work for you already.

This list is not ranked by price or quality — I have simply found some of the highest rated cloth diapers on Amazon for each of the types of diapers.


1. Flat Cloth Diapers

Flats are large squares of single-layered fabric that can be folded in different ways. They’re the original one-size diapers. They have a lot more flexibility that any other diaper, and can fit any size child from newborn to toddler.

Flat diapers aren’t waterproof, so you’ll want to use a diaper cover over them.


Our Amazon Pick: Osocozy Birdseye Flat Cloth Diaper

This is a 6-pack of unbleached 100 % cotton, birds eye weave, unbleached, tan or ivory colored flat cloth diapers.


2. Prefold Diapers

Prefolds are rectangular pieces of cloth made of multiple layers of fabric, all sewn together to make one thicker diaper. They are not quite as versatile as a flat, but are a bit easier to use.

Like flats, prefolds also require a diaper cover, since they are very absorbent but not completely waterproof.


Our Amazon Pick: Humble Bebe Prefold Cloth Diapers

This is a 12-pack of unbleached premium cotton, pre-washed prefolds that fit newborn babies to toddlers (10-30 lbs.)


3. Fitted Diapers

Fitteds are typically made of cotton, bamboo, hemp or fleece. Again, these diapers are very absorbent, but not waterproof, so you’ll still need to wear a diaper cover over them.

They are a lot more intuitive than flats are prefolds, since they don’t require any folding. Simply wrap it around your baby’s bottom, secure, and place a cover over it!


Our Amazon Pick: Ecoable Fitted Cloth Diaper

This is a two-count of one-size overnight cloth diapers have snap buttons and come with two hemp inserts.


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4. Contour Diapers

Contours are a hybrid of prefolds and fitteds. You don’t need to use pins or a snappi — they were made to fit inside most diaper covers. So just lay it down and secure the cover around your baby.


Our Amazon Pick: Bumkins Contour Soaker

This is a two-count of contour soaker cloth diapers.


5. Hybrids

These are a cross between cloth and disposable diapers. Sometimes referred to as an all-in-two, these diapers consist of a shell. You just need to place an insert inside.

If you want to cloth diaper, but aren’t thrilled about having to wash poop out of them, this is the system for you. Simply toss away the dirty disposable liner, put your cover in the washable wet bag, and you’re set!


Our Amazon Pick: GroVia Cloth Diaper

This is a reusable hybrid cloth diaper with a snap shell, and it comes in a variety of colors and patterns. It fits babies 8-30 lbs.


6. Pocket Diapers

This popular diaper has a pocket that needs to be stuffed with a microfiber, cotton, bamboo, or hemp insert. They have a waterproof lining on the outside, so you don’t need to use a cover with this one.


Our Amazon Pick: Simple Being Double Gusset Pocket Diaper

This is a 6-pack of one-size pocket diapers with double leg gussets (for advanced leak protection!) — not to mention the handy wet bag you’ll receive.


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7. Sleeve Diapers

They are similar to pockets, but instead have two openings in the pocket (one on each end). Again, no diaper covers are required.

(Unfortunately, I am not able to find a sleeve diaper on Amazon at this time.)


8. All-in-Twos

These are similar to pocket diapers but instead of stuffing a pocket, you snap an insert inside the diaper. They are basically the same thing as a hybrid. You don’t have to use disposable liners, though, if you’d rather keep waste to a minimum!


Our Amazon Pick: Best Bottom Cloth Diaper

This cloth diaper is one-size (8-35 lb.) and comes in a variety of colors and patterns.


9. All-in-Ones

All-in-ones are the easiest, albeit the priciest, and are the most similar to a disposable. They are very similar to all-in-twos. The only difference is that the absorbent lining is sewn to the diaper, so you don’t have to snap it on!


Our Amazon Pick: Bambino Mio Cloth Diaper

This all-in-one cloth diaper is one-size (8+ lbs.) and has a super absorbent core. It also comes in a super cute bumblebee pattern.


Now we know about the nine main types of cloth diapers — continue reading to find out how many you’ll need!


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How Many Cloth Diapers Do You Need?

In the beginning, you might find yourself changing your newborn’s diaper up to twelve times a day.

As babies get a little older, that number should decrease a bit. Still, you don’t need nearly as many cloth diapers when starting out as you would when buying disposables.

Plan to start out with 20-25 cloth diapers.

You can always buy more later, but because you will need to wash them every 2-3 days anyway, that should be plenty to get started.


Did you know that you will need to use a special diaper cream with cloth diapers? Don’t worry, there are lots of safe options!

Here is everything you need to know about choosing a diaper rash cream for cloth diapers.


Recap of our Amazon picks

1. Best Flat: Osocozy Birdseye Flat Cloth Diaper 

2. Best Prefold: Humble Bebe Prefold Cloth Diapers

3. Best Fitted: Ecoable Fitted Cloth Diaper

4. Best Contour: Bumkins Contour Soaker

5. Best Hybrid: GroVia Cloth Diaper

6. Best Pocket: Simple Being Double Gusset Pocket Diaper

7. Best Sleeve: (none available)

8. Best All-in-Two: Best Bottom Cloth Diaper

9. Best All-in-One: Bambino Mio Cloth Diaper


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