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24 Awesome STEAM Kits for Kids Age 3+

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Green Kid Crafts STEAM Activity Kits Breakdown + Save the Bees Box Review

Looking for STEAM kits to keep the kids engaged in fun, educational activities this summer (or whenever you need a little quiet time)? 

Look no further!

Today, I’m sharing a list of awesome STEAM activity boxes in a variety of themes geared toward kids ages three and up.

I’ve partnered with Green Kid Crafts to bring you this resource, along with a detailed review of one of their newest theme boxes. (Spoiler alert: They are coming out with an additional 25 themes for subscribers!)

Without further ado, let’s talk briefly about what STEAM means and what you can expect in these kits before we move along to the list.

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What Does STEAM Stand For?

First of all, what is STEAM? STEAM is an approach to education that utilizes Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics.

The difference between STEM and STEAM is simply the addition of the Arts: language arts, humanities, drama, dance, music, visual arts, new media, and design.

What Are STEAM Kits for Kids?

STEAM kits, such as those designed by Green Kid Crafts, contain projects for kids that stimulate critical thinking and encourage growth of the “whole child”. 

Each kit usually revolves around a theme and contains at least a few different activities. You can either subscribe to a monthly kit delivery or select kits based on themes of interest.

In the next section, we will cover some of the kit themes that Green Kid Crafts offers.

24 Themed STEAM Kits 

Each of the following kits is filled with 4-6 fun science and art projects for kids age three and up.

1. Around the World

Holidays Around The World Box

Your kiddos can travel Around the World with projects inspired by six different countries: 

  • Japan
  • India
  • Africa
  • Guatemala
  • Australia
  • China

And as a bonus, they will receive holiday recipes from the different countries and a Sticker Passport Book.

2. Art Lab

Art Lab Box

The Art Lab contains six different art projects inspired by famous artists. Kids will try their hands at Batik, pulled yarn prints, and even making their own rubber stamps, among other activities that they can tinker and play with afterward.

3. Slime Lab

Slime Lab Box

Learn how to make four different kinds of slime with the Slime Lab! Materials are included for black chalkboard slime, glow-in-the-dark slime, and fluffy slime, as well as slime fish and glow worms. 

Plus, they’ll stay busy for a long time afterward simply playing around with their creations!

4. Sweet Science

Sweet Science Box

There are six different activities in the Sweet Science box that will get your kiddos excited to explore the properties of sugar. They’ll have a blast with crystal creation, gummy bear osmosis, Pixy Stix sand art, an M&M solubility experiment, and fizzy fun.

5. Dinosaur Activities

Dinosaur Activity Box For Kids

Your little paleontologists will “dig” this dinosaur themed box, which includes materials for creating their own dinosaur habitat, fossil imprints, and more.

6. Solar System

Solar System Kit

Kiddos age three and up will enjoy exploring the solar system with this fun activity kit! While exploring different planets, galaxies, and astronomy, they will develop creativity, problem-solving skills, and observation skills.

7. Rainbow Science

Rainbow Science Box

The Rainbow Science Box contains fun projects to help kids learn what a rainbow is, how it’s formed, and why the colors have a certain order.

If you’re interested in this theme, you might want to read our full review of the Rainbow Science box here before purchasing it.

8. Amphibians

Amphibians Box

Want to learn more about frogs, newts, toads, or salamanders? 

With the Amphibians Box, kids will explore and discover these crawly critters through hands-on projects in the following areas: 

  • Grow your own lotus
  • Frog life cycle
  • Lily pad art project
  • And so on

9. Endangered Animals

Endangered Animals Box

Do you have animal lovers in the family? The Endangered Animals kit teaches the little ones about some of the coolest animals, which also happen to be an endangered species, such as elephants, tigers, and gorillas.

10. Feathered Friends

Feathered Friends Box

With the help of the Feathered Friends box, kids can make bird feeders, bird protecting window clings, and more – all while learning about different kinds of birds, from the songbirds to waterfowl, to raptors, and more!

11. Botany

Botany Box

Through hands-on projects, the Botany Box teaches young botanists how plants work, all the way from seed to tree. It includes four fun projects: 

  • DIY Plant Press
  • Botanist Kit
  • Herbarium
  • Plant Printmaking Kit

12. Color Science

Color Science Box

Do you have a little one who’s interested in color theory? Check out the Color Science Box! Kiddos age five and up will learn all about color with these five activities: 

  • Spin Art Kit
  • Absorption Science Kit
  • Color Mixing Kit
  • Blending Colors Canvas
  • Homemade Paint Kit
  • And more! 

13. Weather Science

Weather Science Box

With the help of the Weather Science box, your child can become a mini meteorologist! They’ll have a blast creating their own weather instruments, as well as tracking and measuring the weather patterns using their handcrafted tools.

14. Mad Science

Mad Science Box

This one is great for kids three and up! Mad Science includes four fun projects: a fizzy lamp that teaches about density, sensory slime monsters, a magnet friend that teaches about the properties of magnets, and more.

15. Numbers Lab

Numbers Lab

The Numbers Lab was designed to inspire young mathematicians. This sensory box teaches counting, number recognition, and matching and patterns. It contains the following fun learning kits: 

  • Playdough Kit
  • Telling Time
  • DIY Flashcards Kit
  • Counting Games
  • And more!

16. Volcanoes

Volcanoes Craft Box

For ages 2+, this Volcanoes discovery box celebrates thinking, questioning, and original creation with fun and creative projects such as an Exploding DIY Volcano, Crystal Making Kit, and more!

17. Kitchen Science

Kitchen Science Box

With the Kitchen Science kit, kids will explore science using everyday household products such as baking soda and vinegar. Using everyday items, they will make homemade soap, fizzy bath bombs, and a volcano.

18. Robot Workshop

Robot Workshop Box

This Robot STEAM kit includes FIVE award-winning projects for kiddos age 3+ (such as creating their own Artbot to make artistic swirls!). These activities will get the kids thinking, questioning, and tinkering for hours after making their initial creations.

19. Gemstone Excavation

Dig It Out Gemstone Excavation Kit

Let your kiddos embark on their own archaeological dig – they’re guaranteed to find semi-precious gemstones, and they will be able to identify them using the full color identification guide included in the Gemstone Excavation kit!

20. Hexbug Nano Robot

Hexbug Nano Robot Kit

Check out the HEXBUG Nano Robotic Bug! This tiny robot will fool humans and critters alike into thinking it’s a real bug as it scampers and scurries about.

21. Down on the Farm

Down on the Farm Box

For little ones age two and up, Down on the Farm explores matching and patterns, fine motor skills, and more. 

In this box, you’ll find the following projects: 

  • Barn and Animals on the Farm Kit
  • Farm Community Sticker Scene
  • Farm Lacing Craft, Felt Carrot Counting Game
  • Nose-on-a-Stick Pretend Play Craft

22. Reptiles

Reptiles Box

The Reptiles box teaches kids about these scaly critters, while developing age-appropriate learning skills, through hands-on play:

  • Mosaic Turtle Poster Kit
  • Articulated Wooden Snake Kit
  • DIY Hanging Doorknob Lizard
  • Felt Counting Crocodile Kit

23. Rainforest Science

Rainforest Science Box

Take your kids on a journey through the Rainforest with activities designed by experts to build confidence, flex creativity, and make them smarter.

Kids will:

  • Create their own bouncing rubber ball
  • Learn about the science of sound by creating their own rainstick, jungle drums, and string-a-ling
  • Conduct a rainforest pollution experiment
  • Build a rainforest terrarium 
  • Make cookies using ingredients found in the rainforest

24. Safari STEM Activities

Safari STEM Activities Box

Designed for kids from ages two to eight, the Safari STEM box teaches about the different types of safari habitats through scratch artboards and safari stencils.

With the help of this kit, kids will also create their own set of safari animal tracking ID cards, explore animal migration, and discover the dangers of quicksand (by mixing up a real quicksand pit and rescuing animals from it!).

25 New Green Kid Crafts Themes

Great news! In addition to the 24 boxes listed above, Green Kid Crafts is coming out with 25 new themes, available to their subscribers.

They sent us their new “Save the Bees” kit to review, which arrived in their signature green colored box.

Inside, we found four fun bee-themed projects, along with a mini magazine containing instructions for each activity, interesting bee facts, and additional activities.

green kid crafts save the bees steam kit with the mini magazine on top

My five- and three-year-old daughters were thrilled to make a bracelet that spells out: “save the bees”!

child wearing a save the bees bracelet made with supplies from the green kid crafts box

They especially enjoyed making a beehive craft, along with some pom-pom bees. The bees were a hit – they played with them for quite a while afterward.

girls creating the bee and beehive craft they received in their bee steam kit for kids

Next up was a cute wind chime craft. One of my daughters painted the front of the wooden bee, while the other painted its back, and then we hung chimes from it. 

bee themed windchime

Our final project involved planting sunflower seeds in a biodegradable container that was provided with the kit. We set it in a window on the sunny side of the house, and 5-6 days later, we had a few sprouts!

Now, let’s see if we can manage to keep them growing….

sunflower sprouts in a biodegradable pot with a light colored backdrop


Wondering where Green Kid Crafts ships to? (Within the United States AND around the world!)

Or what the cost is? (Free within the United States!)

You can find the answers to all of your shipping questions here, along with any other questions you might have – such as changing your address or their return policy.


I know just how great kids are at learning through play – I am seriously impressed with their ingenuity at times – BUT… They absolutely love having activities planned out for them, as well.

At least, I know that my girls do!

Done-for-you STEM and STEAM kits are the perfect solution for busy parents who want to keep their kiddos occupied with educational activities.

Which of the STEAM kits would your kids enjoy the most? Have you tried any of these craft boxes yet? 

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