the personalized name labels we received for our name bubbles review

Name Bubbles Review: Personalized Name Labels for School, Daycare & More

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What are Name Bubbles, and Do They Really Work?

We recently received some personalized name labels from Name Bubbles to review, so I wanted to share our experience with you today.

If you’re not quite sure what Name Bubbles are, let me enlighten you! They’re some of the easiest to use and strongest-sticking customizable name labels — oh, and they’re waterproof. 

This means that you can stick them to your kids’ clothing or lunch containers, run them through the washing machine or dishwasher, and they’ll come out as good as new.

If you’re looking for high quality name labels for school, daycare, summer camp — or even write-on labels for organizing the pantry — you can either head over to their online shop or continue reading my review.

(By the way, you might want to read to the end because I was able to nab a special discount code for my readers!)

Without delay, let’s move right along and talk a little bit about the ordering process, design options, how to use Name Bubbles, and more.


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We received free labels from Name Bubbles in exchange for a review. 


Name Bubbles Review

The ordering process for Name Bubbles is pretty simple. The most difficult part, in my opinion, is deciding on just one of the cute design options!

You’ll begin by selecting the type of label you need. A few examples:


  • Clothing labels
  • Contact labels
  • Shoe labels
  • Medical labels
  • Write-on labels

You can also order value packs with a variety of labels for school, daycare, etc. (which we’ll go over shortly) if you need more than one type of size.

Then you’ll choose from one of numerous sticker designs and customize them with a name and font type. When you type a name into the box, you’ll see exactly what your label will look like once it’s been printed.

Once you receive your Name Bubbles, you can get started labeling everything! Simply peel the sticker off the sheet and place it on the item. 

With the clothing labels, you have a few options:


  • Press-and-stick labels for clothing tags
  • Press-and-stick labels for brand stamps
  • Iron-on clothing labels

We ordered a couple different types of Name Bubbles to test out: the Kindergarten value pack and some rectangular write-on labels.

My daughter will be starting Kindergarten in the fall, so I thought this value pack would be perfect for us. I tested them out on some jackets, her shoes, a water bottle, and a notebook. 

I even ran the jackets and water bottle through the wash to see if they really are waterproof.

The verdict?

Name Bubbles name labels truly did come out as good as new. The good news is that, when you’re ready to remove them, you can simply peel them off and you’re left with no sticky residue.


Pro Mom Tip: Don’t apply the clothing labels directly to the fabric, or even to a ribbed fabric tag, or it won’t stick in the wash. Instead, look for one of those silky care tags to place it onto.


image showing what to do and what not to do with the name bubbles labels


We also tested out the write-on labels for organizing some of the activity bins I put together for my girls.

I had previously printed out some of my own labels on printer paper, but never got around to laminating them, so they were in pretty bad shape.

These labels came with a pencil that you can use to write on your labels, then wipe them off as needed. 

The pencil is a little on the large side, which made it slightly difficult to write neatly, but it did the job — and I was able to wipe it clean and re-write when I needed to.


activity bins labeled with name bubbles write on labels


close up of the write on labels


Personalized Name Labels Value Packs

If you need a variety of label types and sizes, then you’ll definitely want to check out the value packs they offer. Here are a few of their current offerings.


1. Name Labels for School

You have a few different value pack options:


  • School label pack
  • Preschool label pack
  • Kindergarten label pack

The kindergarten label pack we received included 12 small rectangle labels, 8 shoe labels, 5 large rectangle labels, 9 shape labels, and 40 circle clothing labels. 

Oh, and — for every School Label Pack purchased, Name Bubbles donates $1 to Blessings in a Backpack, which is an organization fighting to end childhood hunger.

Check out the school value packs here.


2. Name Labels for Daycare

The daycare value pack comes with 96 stickers that you can use to label your little one’s belongings and avoid mix-ups.

You’ll get: 32 small rectangle labels, 5 large rectangle labels, 15 shape labels, 4 shoe labels, and 40 circle clothing labels.

Check out the daycare value packs here.


3. Name Labels for Camp

Got a kiddo heading to camp this summer? Slap some Name Bubbles on their clothing to make sure they don’t get mixed up with the other kids’ clothes!

In the camp value pack, you’ll receive: 40 press-and-stick clothing labels and 34 slim rectangle iron-on clothing labels.

Check out the camp value packs here.


4. Family Label Packs

The family label packs are perfect for everyone, from the youngest to the oldest family member. You can use them to keep your kids’ belongings organized at playdates, and even for your senior family member in the nursing home.

The family value pack comes with: 14 small rectangle labels, 5 large rectangle labels, 40 contact clothing labels, and 34 slim rectangle iron-on clothing labels. 

Check out the family value packs here.


5. Clothing Label Packs

If you need a variety of clothing label sizes and types, then this is the one for you. 

In the clothing variety pack, you’ll get: 47 labels for clothing care tags and 47 labels for tagless clothing. Of each type, there are 20 circle clothing labels, 12 contact clothing labels, and 15 x-small rectangle clothing labels.

Check out the clothing value packs here.


shoes with name stickers inside


Final Thoughts

Before hearing of Name Bubbles, I’d never thought to order personalized name labels for my kids’ belongings. In fact, I’ve always labeled them with their initials using a permanent marker.

(My plan for passing down clothing from my big girl to my little: Carefully change the initials ‘KM’ to ‘RM’ on everything. Hey, I thought it was a brilliant idea!)

Now that I have Name Bubbles in my life, there’s no going back. I’ll definitely be ordering a Preschool Pack to label my second kiddo’s things when she starts preschool! 


Name Bubbles Coupon

Ready to order your Name Bubbles personalized name labels? Great!

Use coupon code WRITERMOM for a 10% discount. 


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