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5 Toddler Craft Subscription Boxes (that Busy Moms will Love!)

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Crafty Subscriptions that Encourage Creativity in the Smallest Kids — with Minimal Effort on Your Part

On the hunt for the perfect toddler craft subscription box?

Maybe you’re a loving aunt or grandma looking for a toddler craft subscription box to give as a gift.

Or perhaps you’re a busy mama like myself who doesn’t have a whole lot of time to come up with crafty activities for the little ones.

Whatever your situation, we all want the same thing — quick and easy activities (for us!) that keep them occupied for as looong as possible.

And we all know how easy that is, right??

But really, who wants to spend an hour prepping an activity, only to have your two year old lose interest five minutes later?

Not me!

Enter the monthly subscription box for toddlers.


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Why a Toddler Craft Subscription Box?

Monthly craft subscriptions don’t just provide lots of fresh fun for toddlers. These beauties are ready to use right out of the box with little to no prep.

So, we know that…


  • They’re entertaining.
  • It’s easy for Mom and Dad.


But do toddlers REALLY need to be entertained with arts and craft activities at home?

I mean, your parents didn’t provide structured activities when you were a kid, and you learned how to entertain yourself.

Finding things to do on their own is a HUGE part of child development, no argument there.

But providing a variety of tools to encourage creativity, including craft supplies, is also important (in my humble opinion).

These types of activities:


  • improve hand-eye coordination
  • increase dexterity
  • develop motor skills


…among a number of other benefits.

Honestly, subscribing to a monthly craft box is a handy tool to have in your parenting toolbelt.

Simply put, it’s a small investment in making our lives a little easier.

And how many of us don’t want to simplify our lives in any way we can?


(Thinking about gifting a craft box subscription to a toddler in your life? Think of it as a double gift — because Mom and Dad will love it, too!)


Craft Subscription Boxes That Make Learning Fun

So now we know why ordering a craft subscription box is going to be awesome for your toddler. But what you really want to know is how to find the BEST craft box for toddlers.

I’ve done a little digging, and today I’m going to share that info with you.

Because I want to help make your life a little bit easier. And that, my friend, is everything when you’re a busy toddler mama.

So let’s jump right in!


1. Little Minds Learning Box (starting at $28.95)


Little Minds Learning Box


I don’t know about you, but I LOVE the idea of having specially curated boxes of holiday or seasonal activities delivered to my doorstep.

Talk about a time saver!

No more browsing Pinterest to find a quick craft idea, only to get sucked into the rabbit hole for the next four hours….

(Okay, I might be exaggerating just a little!)

But if you’re looking for a toddler craft subscription box with new, seasonally based themes each month, the Little Minds Learning Box is it.

They say it’s best for 2.5 to 6 year olds.

In this box, you’ll find more than 20 activities that are designed for developing a number of skills:


  • gross motor
  • fine motor
  • math
  • science
  • and more!


The activities include crafts, games, and direction following activities, as well as book recommendations for each theme.

Each also comes with easy-to-follow directions.

Don’t want to include holiday themes? Not a problem! Once you sign up for your box size, you’ll get the option to leave out holiday themes.

But don’t worry — you won’t get less material. Boxes without holiday activities will have the same amount of material, but the activities will be seasonally related instead of holiday themed.


Want to see some of their past boxes? Check out the Little Minds Learning Box here.


2. Craft + Boogie (starting at $24.99)


Craft + Boogie


It’s similar to the Little Minds Learning Box, but also very different.

Craft + Boogie will help your child celebrate the usual holidays, of course, but they also think of more unique celebrations throughout the year.

You’ll get crafts inspired by New Year’s Day and Independence Day, for example. However, they also consider celebrations such as Women’s Equality Day and even Honeybee Day, adding them into the mix.

With each delivery, you and your toddler (not to mention your bigger kids!) will enjoy:


  • 3-4 thoughtfully themed crafts
  • a family game to get kids talking and moving
  • festive recipes to make together
  • unique table decorations
  • exclusive hand-drawn coloring and activity pages
  • a bookmark that teaches the history behind the holiday
  • and more!


These craft kits are designed for families with children ages 3 to 9. I’m sure even younger toddlers will enjoy them, too, with a little bit of guidance from you!


A charitable bonus: They turn your dollars into craft kits for children in foster care, patients at children’s hospitals, and counselors in low-income elementary schools.


Click here to find out what exactly you’ll get in this month’s box.


Craft + Boogie Discount Code: Use code BOOGIETIME at checkout to get a special discount.




3. Little Learners Busy Box (starting at $13)


Little Learners Busy Box


While the first two boxes were created for a larger age range, Little Learners Busy Box was designed specifically for 2 to 4 year olds.

Another difference is that they DO NOT send holiday themed boxes. I know that’s important to some of you who don’t celebrate most holidays.

Developed and curated by a former educator and homeschooling mom of three, this monthly box will help you get a head start on your toddler’s preschool skills.

Don’t worry, there’s no prep required! They curate each box for busy moms like yourself. All of the activities are ready to use right out of the box.

Plus, you have two box options to choose from. Each contains activity kits that can be mixed and matched to create even more learning opportunities.


  • The Mini Box – 3 reusable activities included
  • The Big Box – 5 reusable activities included


Each box is curated around fun themes each month, focusing on hands-on play to encourage your little one to learn!


Want to see what kind of materials are included in the boxes? You can find out by clicking right here.


Little Learners Busy Box Discount Code: Use code FIRSTBUSYBOX at checkout to get a special discount for first time orders.


4. Green Kids Crafts (starting at $21.91)


Green Kid Crafts


Green Kids Crafts is a monthly themed experience using eco-friendly materials. Each box is designed to help kids practice their scientific, engineering, and creative skills.

Every month, your toddler will receive up to SIX educational kits per box!

Even better, the whole family will enjoy this one — it’s created for ages 2 to 10, and up.

Each box includes a 12-page educational magazine filled with puzzles, games, book recommendations and additional project ideas related to the monthly theme.

And, they ship worldwide, so it’s perfect for those of you who live outside of the United States!

There are two boxes available:


  • Junior Box (ages 2-4)
  • Discovery Box (ages 5-10+)


Click here to read our review of Green Kids Crafts, or watch the video below and grab your craft box here.




5. We Craft Box (starting at $25)


We Craft Box


We Craft Box is another toddler craft subscription box that revolves around a monthly theme.

All the materials you’ll need are inside the box (except for scissors) and can be shared between two children, ages three to nine.

With three or more crafts and easy to follow photo directions, families can enjoy a stress-free creative experience together!


Click here to read our review of We Craft Box, or find out what’s in the current We Craft Box for kids (or watch the video below to learn more).


We Craft Box Discount Code: Use code GETCRAFTY5 at checkout to get $5 off your first order!



How to Choose the Best Toddler Craft Kit

So, now that we have five awesome toddler craft subscription boxes in our toolbelts, how are you going to choose the very best one?

First of all, you need to decide which types of crafts you’re looking for.


  • Holiday themes or no holidays?
  • Is eco-friendly important?
  • Do you want to share with bigger siblings?


Of course, each box has a different number of crafts, so you’ll want to take that into consideration, too.

What shouldn’t you do? Stress over it. Don’t do that — they are all great choices, so select one and try it out.

After all, if you decide it’s not a great fit for your toddler, you can always try a different one next month.


Happy crafting, my friends!


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