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We Craft Box Review: A Themed Craft Subscription Box for Kids

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It’ll Keep Them Busy for Hours!

Not gonna lie — I enjoyed working on the We Craft Box activities just as much as (if not more than) my girls.

They sent us two boxes to try out, and we spent quite a few hours working through the various crafts over the span of two days — and we’ve still only managed to get through about half of them.

No joke, these crafts will keep your kids busy for hours.

My daughters LOVED working on these fun activities, and the only reason we haven’t finished all of them by now is because they’ve gotten distracted by Christmas festivities (and their new toys).

But with the loooong winter ahead, I have no doubt we’ll bust them out again in no time!

In my We Craft Box review, I’m going to give you a sneak peek at the awesomeness of the two kits we received.


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We received free boxes from We Craft Box in exchange for a review. 


First, a Few Highlights…

Before we get started, here are a few things you’ll love about We Craft Box:


  • All materials are included (except scissors and water)
  • Each month has a new and exciting theme
  • There is a unique story to accompany the art projects
  • Each box can be shared between 2 children!
  • Instructions are easy to follow and include photos
  • They provide direction, but the kids’ imaginations are free to run wild


We Craft Box Review

Each craft box revolves around a central “theme” — complete with a short, one-page story to help set up the crafts. AND… Each box comes with enough materials for two kids!

(This is a huge plus for families with more than one kiddo.)

Our boxes’ themes were “The Magical Circus” and “The Great Holiday Cookie Competition”.

Each of the girls opened up a box, and I started out by reading the short, poetic stories that were included. Then we dove in.

We started out with some of the circus themed crafts…

Acrobatic bears:


acrobatic bear craft


A lion ringmaster in a hot air balloon:


hot air balloon craft


Elegant elephants:


elephant craft


And clay elephant and lion pictures on transparent plates:


plate craft


There were instructions, complete with photos, for each of the activities.

I had to walk my preschooler through each of the steps, and I did have to help her out a bit with more complicated tasks, but she enjoyed them nonetheless.

The Magical Circus box included some glittery gel crayons — a big hit with the girls.

And instead of tape or glue, they included some foam peanuts that you squish flat and dampen with a wet paper towel, which activates the stickiness.


craft box supplies


I’d never seen them before!

For the two crafts that involved poking straws through paper cups, I ended up wrapping a little bit of clay around the straw.

Then I attached it to the inside of the cup, to help keep the straws from wobbling so much. Otherwise, they worked surprisingly well.


craft box supplies


We spent several hours working on these crafts, so I decided to wait until the next day to dig into the other box. Which was good, because we started with the apron decorating, and that kept us busy for a long time!


the girls rubbing corn starch onto the aprons


We had to start out by rubbing corn starch all over the aprons.

We also had to rub a pencil all over the back of the penguin patterns included with the kit. This helped with transferring the patterns to the aprons.

Next, I placed the penguins onto the aprons and traced along the lines, transferring the penguin outlines onto the aprons.


coloring the aprons


Then I had to use the black fabric marker to trace the penguin outlines before the girls could color them.

This entire time, my toddler was reeeally eager to open up the package of fabric markers, but by the time I finished outlining her penguins, she was ready for her nap.

(And when she woke up, she was no longer interested! Go figure.)


my preschooler coloring her apron


I decorated her apron, and Kenna did her own. Once we finished coloring, we used the puffy glitter paint to add a few finishing touches and then had to wait for it to dry.

The aprons turned out really cute! They are somewhat big, so the girls will grow into them — I just tightened up the neck strap with a knot to help them fit a little better.

(As you can tell from the photos, I did NOT iron the creases out of the aprons prior to decorating them.)


the finished aprons


We haven’t finished all the crafts included in both boxes, but I know the next time we’re bored and need something to do, we’ll be pulling out the We Craft Box kits.

There’s such a neat variety of crafts and materials included in these boxes!

I was really impressed with the number of crafts and the quality of the supplies included. We Craft Box would make a great gift for kids who enjoy hands-on activities.

Even better, the kits come with ALL of the required supplies (except water and scissors). This means you don’t have to spend time researching ideas on Pinterest and then trying to find all the things you need to make them!


my preschooler busy working on her craft


What is the Recommended Age for We Craft Box?

The target is kids age 3-9, and of course, the younger kiddos will need a little more help than the older ones. My 2-year-old was able to do a little bit herself (such as coloring) but I had to do quite a bit for her.

My 4-year-old did help with a little more, although she did need a little help with certain tasks, and she needed me to walk her through each of the steps.


Can I Send We Craft Box as a Gift to My Grandchild?

Absolutely! We Craft Box would make an awesome gift for any grandchild age 3-9.

You can order a monthly subscription, a limited subscription (three months, for example), or even one box on its own. Either way, your grandkid(s) will love it!


When Does We Craft Box Ship?

They ship on the first of the month. You will receive an e-mail with tracking number and sneak peek photo of your crafts when your box is on its way.


We Craft Box Coupon Code

Click here to subscribe to We Craft Box, and use code GETCRAFTY5 at checkout to get $5 off your first order!


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