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3 Easy DIY Halloween Mask Ideas for Kids

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How to Make a Homemade Halloween Mask Three Different Ways

Maybe you’re trying to save money this year. Or perhaps you’re just looking for a fun Halloween craft for the little ones. Either way, you’re in need of some super easy DIY Halloween mask ideas.

And some super easy DIY Halloween mask ideas are what I’ve got!

Not only is mask-making a fun activity for kids, but it gives the creative side of their brain a workout. All that at very little cost for you.

Sounds like a winning craft idea! So let’s get started.


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DIY Halloween Mask Ideas for Kids

Here are a few ideas to make your own Halloween mask for kids, complete with a supply list and step by step instructions.


Make Your Own Plaster Mask

A DIY plaster mask is easier than you’d think! And it only takes a few minutes for the plaster to dry.






Begin by deciding on a design, and draw it out on paper. 

The person who will be wearing the mask will need to pull their hair away from their face and lie down. Cover the face with petroleum jelly. Fill a bowl with water and cut the plaster into large strips. 

Dip the plaster strips in the water and start laying them across the face, making sure to leave space for the eyes and nose. Add any facial features at this time (horns, etc.). 

Wait at least three minutes, then carefully remove the mask from the face. 

Trim the edges with scissors and decorate the mask.


Print-and-Go Halloween Mask

You probably have all of these supplies on hand already….






The print-and-go Halloween mask is quick and easy. 

Check out this Pinterest board for downloading mask patterns and printing them at home (make sure click the “Follow” button while you’re there!). Use the heaviest card stock your printer will allow for an extra durable mask. 

Cut around it with scissors (or give the kids safety scissors so they can help). 

Cut out the eye holes, punch a hole on each end, and tie the string so it is snug around the head. Be careful not to pull too hard and tear the mask!




Paper Plate Halloween Mask

This is a super easy and fun activity for kids. You will only need some paper plates or card stock, craft supplies, scissors, glue and string.






Help them cut their plates into the desired shape and punch holes at the edges, as well as where their eyes will be.

Cut a strip below and a strip along each side of the nose. 

Let them paint or color their masks and decorate them with glitter, pipe cleaners, and other craft supplies. 

After they have dried, tie the string so it is snug around their heads, being careful not to tear the masks.


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Which of these three easy DIY Halloween mask ideas are you going to try with your kids? 


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Craft Supply Ideas

In the instructions, you might have wondered what type of “craft supplies” I was referring to, so I wanted to give you a quick list of ideas here.


1. Pom-poms

2. Glitter

3. Pipe cleaners

4. Stickers

5. Paint sticks


Just some ideas to help you get started! 

If you want more ideas, check out this list of 21 must-have arts and craft supplies for toddlers and preschoolers.


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