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18 Fun Games for Halloween for Preschoolers

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Easy Halloween Party Games for Kids

Toilet Paper Mummies… Pin the Spider on the Web… Ghost in the Graveyard…

These fun games for Halloween for preschoolers are sure to be a hit. (Older kiddos will probably enjoy them, too!)

Some are classic Halloween games that you might recognize. Others are new or even revamped versions of traditional party games.

Regardless, they’re all pretty simple to put together, so no need to stress. Let’s jump right into the list of easy Halloween party games for kids.

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Games for Halloween for Preschoolers

1. Toilet Paper Mummy

child wrapping another child in toilet paper

The only supplies you’ll need for this silly game are some rolls of toilet paper.

Have the kiddos pair up into teams of two or three and give each team a roll of toilet paper. Nothing fancy — single ply works!

Each team will wrap the toilet paper around one of the kids, kind of like a mummy, until the roll is empty.

The team that finishes first wins a prize.

2. Mummy Race

You could add on to the previous game by having the kids race to a “finish line” while still wrapped in toilet paper. The child who finishes the race without tearing the toilet paper wins a prize.

Or, if you prefer, you could just wrap their legs in toilet paper rather than their entire body.

3. Eyeball Relay

Draw an “eyeball” onto two ping pong balls, or order an eyeball relay set here. Then divide the preschoolers into two teams and have them line up.

Each kid will take turns holding the eyeball on a spoon, running to a pre-marked spot and back to the beginning… All without dropping the eyeball! They will then pass it on to the next kid in line.

If anyone drops the eyeball, they have to pick it back up and return to the starting line, then begin again.

Whichever team finishes the relay first wins a prize.

4. Halloween Costume Contest

children dressed in halloween costumes

The Halloween costume contest is a classic, but it’s a Halloween party essential. At least, I know that my girls LOVE to dress up (whether it’s for Halloween or not!). Either award one prize for the best costume or give out awards for various categories:

  • most creative
  • spookiest
  • cutest costume
  • best group costume
  • people’s choice

…and so on.

5. Skeleton Scavenger Hunt

For this one, you can use either plastic skeletons from the dollar store or cut some out of paper.

Disassemble the skeletons and hide the bones around the house or yard. Then instruct the kids to hunt for skeleton parts.

The goal is to find a complete skeleton — and bonus points if they are able to re-assemble it!

6. Halloween Treasure Hunt

Scavenger hunts are HUGE at our house! Combine fun and learning with this free printable Halloween treasure hunt. With this game, the kids will follow the simple, rhyming clues to find the treasure at the end.

7. “Bobbing” for Donuts

children bobbing for donuts hanging from a tree

This is a new twist on the classic apple bobbing game — and, let’s face it, a lot more hygienic. Bobbing for donuts can be a lot of fun, and just as challenging.

Tie a string around some nice, sturdy donuts and hang them from a tree. Each child gets to choose their donut, then they get to eat it. (Without using their hands, of course!)

8. Halloween Bowling

If you’re feeling crafty, look for items around the house, such as aluminum cans or water bottles. Then decorate them with a Halloween theme.

Otherwise, Amazon has some neat options that you can purchase. This monster plush bowling set, for example, looks like a lot of fun for preschool age kiddos.

9. Pumpkin Toss

For this one, you only need a bucket and pumpkins. It could be small, plastic pumpkins or even something larger, such as toilet paper wrapped in orange felt.

The kids can take turns tossing the pumpkins into the bucket. The child who lands the most pumpkins inside the bucket is the winner.

10. Pumpkin Decorating

children dressed in halloween costumes holding decorated pumpkins

Pumpkin carving (or decorating) is a popular Halloween tradition. And it could be a great addition to your preschool Halloween party!

Is carving pumpkins with preschoolers just too much work? Supply the kids with paint or various other pumpkin carving alternatives, and let them go to town.

You could even hold a contest once everyone has finished their pumpkins. Then either choose a winner or award various prizes for the spookiest pumpkin, cutest, etc.

11. Pin the Spider on the Web

You’ll find all different spinoffs of the popular Pin the Tail on the Donkey party game. Including this Pin the Spider on the Web game for preschoolers to play this Halloween.

Simply blindfold them and hand over a spider sticker to each of the kids. The spider that lands closest to the center of the web wins the game.

12. Halloween Pinata

Sure, there are plenty of scary Halloween pinata options. But when it comes to preschoolers, something cute like this bat or this green monster will be your best bet.

Fill ‘er up with treats then let the kiddos loose!

13. Candy Corn Pick Up

candy corn

This one could go a number of different ways. The goal is to pick up as many pieces of candy corn as possible from one plate or bowl and transfer them to another.

They can’t use their hands, though!

One option is to provide two chopsticks and give them a set amount of time to pick up the candy with the chopsticks. Another option is to have them pick up the candy by sucking them onto the end of a straw.

What other “pick up” ideas can you think of??

14. Candy Corn Count

Here’s another candy corn Halloween party game… Fill up a jar with this sweet treat and let the partygoers take a guess at how many pieces of candy are in the jar. (This should be interesting!)

The child with the closest guess wins the jar of candy corn.

15. Candy Corn Bingo

Okay, I couldn’t resist — just one more game involving candy corn… This one involves using pieces of candy as the markers in a game of Halloween Bingo.

You can print out free Bingo cards right here.

16. Craft Station

children making halloween crafts

I don’t know about your preschoolers, but set some craft supplies in front of mine… And you never know what you’ll end up with!

Grab some Halloween craft supplies like these. Then set up a craft station where they can tap into their creative sides.

Want to make a game of it? Hold a crafting competition and award prizes to the kids. Award them for spookiest pumpkin, most glamorous bat, and so on.

17. Pumpkin Patch Stomp

You’ll need a package of orange balloons and prizes that are small enough to fit through the neck of the balloon.

Before blowing up the balloons, place the prize inside. Create a pumpkin patch by placing all of the inflated balloons on the ground.

Then let the kids stomp to their hearts’ content! They get to collect the prizes from the “pumpkins” that they pop.

(Make sure to enlist them in the cleanup and save yourself a little work.)

18. Ghost in the Graveyard

Ghost in the Graveyard is a hybrid of “tag” and “hide & seek”. But it’s played in the dark, so use your best judgment with this one. Determine whether it’ll be too scary for your group of preschoolers.

Honestly, I think this is something my firstborn would love. But my current preschooler gets a little more nervous about being in the dark.

Choose a well-lit area to be the “safe” place, and choose one of the kids to be the ghost.

The ghost stands in the designated safe area and counts the time. They start at one o’clock until they reach midnight. Everyone else will run and hide.

Then the ghost runs and tries to find the other kids. The object of this game is to reach the “safe” place without being tagged by the ghost. The first person tagged will be the ghost in the next round.

Halloween Party Prize Ideas for Kids

It’s not a party without prizes! You can hit up the dollar store for inexpensive toys, or you can order them in bulk online. Here are a few little trinkets that they’ll be thrilled to take home.

Glittery sticky hands

Halloween squishies

Temporary tattoos

Slap bracelets

Coloring books

You could grab a few different things to put together in a goodie bag, making sure there’s enough for each kid.

Another option is to just buy a bulk pack of Halloween party prizes like this one. That way, you’ll have a variety of items to choose from.

How to Celebrate Halloween All Month Long

Looking for some fun ways to celebrate Halloween with kids during the entire month of October? Consider these spook-tacular activities:

  • Pumpkin patch excursion
  • Spooky movie nights
  • Costume planning party
  • Halloween baking
  • Halloween storytime

Head over to this post for 17 ways to celebrate Halloween with kids, along with a long list of book and movie recommendations.

How Do You Make Halloween Fun at Home?

Spending the spooky holiday at home this year? No need to miss out! During the pandemic, we spent Halloween having a pizza party at home with fun games, treats, and prizes.

Whatever your reason for staying in, check out my post on how to celebrate Halloween at home with kids.

Now you have a number of game ideas to choose from, as well as some ideas for prizes the kids will love. Which of these Halloween games do you think your preschool party-goers will enjoy?

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