Trying to find a product or service that I mentioned in a blog post or email, and now you can’t remember where to find it? That’s what this page is for.

Welcome to the Writer Mom’s shopping guide! Below, you’ll find a number of different product categories. Simply click on the category you’re interested in, and you’ll be brought to a list of product recommendations for that category.

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Home Essentials

This is where you’ll find any of our favorite home related products, whether you’re looking for cleaning and organizational tools, a kid-safe essential oil diffuser, or something else.

eufy by anker

Eufy by Anker

While we don't typically recommend giving cleaning products as a gift, we're making an exception for this one -- the robovac is definitely a mom's best friend.

InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser

If you're looking for an inexpensive all-in-one essential oil diffuser, humidifier, and night light, this is it.

Solo Stove Bonfire

A unique bonfire pit, this Solo Stove product is perfect for the whole family to sit around and stay warm on a cool evening (minus the smoke).

Cloth Diapering

Thinking about cloth diapering your little one? Here are some of our favorite cloth diapers and supplies.

nellie's laundry soda

Nellie's Laundry Soda

This biodegradable laundry soap only contains 5 ingredients and is phosphate free, biodegradable, and contains no SLS or SLES.

earth mama diaper balm

Earth Mama Diaper Balm

Free of petroleum, parabens and artificial fragrance, this gentle diaper rash balm also doubles as a soothing skin salve.

thirsties duo wrap cover

Thirsties Duo Wrap Cover

Use this 100% polyester cover with TPU laminate over fitteds, prefolds, flats and contoured diapers. Its double gusset design provides additional leak protection.

Breastfeeding + Pumping

While you shouldn’t need much, a few key supplies can ultimately make your breastfeeding or pumping journey a success. Here are a few of our favorites.

kindred bravely nursing bra

Nursing Bra

Finding a comfortable, high quality nursing bra can be tricky. Take the Kindred Bravely quiz to find your top three nursing bras!

my brest friend nursing pillow

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow

My Brest Friend is a firm nursing pillow with a clasp, so you can secure it around your waist. Plus, it has a handy little pouch for whatever you might need handy.

willow pump

Willow Pump

Willow is a cordless pump that fits inside the bra for a mobile, hands-free expressing experience. You can even lie down while pumping with Willow!

Newborn Essentials

It seems that newborns need so many supplies, how do you know where to start? Here, you’ll find our absolute favorite newborn essentials to make your parenting journey go a little more smoothly.

five pack of onesies


Often called “onesies”, bodysuits add an extra layer under your baby’s clothes to help keep them warm. You’ll want to start out with half a dozen or so in the first few sizes.

baby tub

Baby Bathtub

This is the tub we used for both of our babies, and it has served us well. And it still has plenty of life left in it!

footie sleepers

Footie Sleepers

Some people swear by zippered pajamas, but honestly, snaps are the way to go — at least, for the first six months to a year.

Gifts for Mom

Looking for the perfect gift for a new mom (or even a seasoned mother)? Look no further! These are some of the best gifts that moms need for themselves.



For a small monthly fee, you’re getting a phenomenal value. The products in each box are thoughtfully curated by real life therapists to bring a little extra joy to your life — with no extra effort on your part.

first i drink the coffee notebook

Coffee Journal

"First I drink the coffee. Then I do the things." This wide-ruled journal is a fun little gift for the mama who enjoys a quiet morning of sipping coffee and journaling.

the cactique

The Cactique

Every month, the easy-care plant experts at The Cactique set out to curate a fun new arrangement to brighten up the home. In addition, Mom will get a fun plant-themed “little something” for herself.

Kid Activities + Gifts

Looking for the perfect gift for the special child(ren) in your life? Or simply need some activities to keep them busy at home? Let me share some of our favorite gifts and kid activities.

green kid crafts

Green Kid Crafts

This highly popular kids' subscription box features 4-6 science and craft activities per month, promotes the "whole child", and is rooted in sustainability.

we craft box

We Craft Box

Each We Craft Box can be shared between two children and contains a story and at least four crafts that revolve around a theme.


Lost My Name Book

Recommended for ages 0-8, this personalized storybook is based on the letters of your child's name. (You get to preview all 22 pages before ordering.)

Start a Mom Blog

Want to earn money while staying at home with your kids? I’ve learned a few things about making money blogging over the past few years, and today I want to share some of the best blogging resources with you.



I use NameHero for my website hosting, carefully chosen after a lot of research. They are highly recommended as one of the best by professional bloggers and IT professionals alike.

start a money making mom blog

How to Start a Money Making Blog

Sign up for the FREE 5-day challenge (hosted by my coach Cate Rosales) to learn everything you need to know about starting and building a money-making blog.

affiliate marketing, simplified

Affiliate Marketing, Simplified!

Affiliate marketing is the perfect way for beginners to start making money blogging. This course will teach you everything you need to know about making money with affiliate marketing.