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Finding Purpose as a Stay at Home Mom: 10 Tips to Feel Fulfilled (& Avoid Burnout)

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Escape the Monotony & Find Fulfillment in Daily Life

When you stay at home with your little ones, the to-do list feels never-ending. Your days are filled with diaper changes, meal planning, and running from one appointment to the next. It can be easy to lose your sense of purpose when you’re in the thick of motherhood!

Which brings us to today’s topic: finding your purpose as a stay at home mom.

It’s especially important to feel fulfilled when you’re a stay at home mom so you can avoid burnout. If you’re looking for some motivation to get through each day, then you’re in the right place.

I’ve been planning this post for a long time, but I’ve been putting it off because I wanted to do the topic justice. Rather than generic “tips”, I wanted to share some actionable ideas that you can put in place right away.

So I put together a list of things that I’ve found helpful in finding fulfillment as a stay at home mom. For me, some of these things are still works-in-progress but – as we all know – life is a work in progress.

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How to Feel Fulfilled as a Stay at Home Mom

This list is meant to inspire you in finding your purpose as a stay at home mom. You don’t have to do ALL the things listed.

Nor do you have to complete them in any particular order. Choose those that call to you, and start there. 

1. Document Your “Vision” for Future Reference

You have a reason for becoming a stay at home mom, whether it’s out of desire or necessity. You might even have a vision for the future already. And if you don’t, I want you to ponder that while you read the rest of this article (and then come back to this one!).

Your Task:

Create some sort of physical reminder of your vision. It could be one word written on a sticky note or an elaborate collage. The idea is to create something and keep in it a place where you’ll see it regularly.

Here are some examples:

  • Your list of reasons for being a SAHM. Write it down inside the front cover of your diary or gratitude journal.
  • A letter of encouragement to yourself. You could keep it inside a journal or even inside a drawer that you frequently access.
  • A word, phrase, or quote that inspires you. Write it down on a sticky note or small piece of paper. Place it inside your journal, a devotional, or the inside of a cabinet door… Somewhere it will motivate you to keep on going every day.
  • A collage-style vision board. Hang it on a wall in your office, bedroom, or even on the inside of a closet door.
  • A digital vision board. You can create it in a program like Canva, then use it as the wallpaper or screensaver on your phone or desktop.

Let’s say you’re a stay at home mom because you want to homeschool your kids. You envision being able to travel and show them the world. Why not download a photo of your first trip destination and use it as the background on your phone. 

Here’s an example of what that might look like if you use one of Canva’s mobile wallpaper templates:

screenshot of a canva mobile wallpaper template used in finding fulfillment as a stay at home mom

Please note that your vision doesn’t have to be that elaborate! It could be as simple as wanting to experience all of the “firsts” during the early years.

These are just ideas, of course – you can keep it simple or get as elaborate as you like. If not a photo of a place you want to visit with your children, then perhaps a simple list of travel destinations. Or it might simply be a photo of your children.

The idea is to establish a physical reminder of your purpose, your goals, or your vision for the future. And then to keep it in a place where it will serve as a constant source of motivation.

2. Establish a Morning Routine

Start out your day strong by establishing a solid morning routine. Naturally, it’ll look different for everyone. But a strong morning routine can really help set the tone for the rest of your day.

So, how early do you have to wake up in order to start the morning strong?

You’ve probably heard it a million times before: Start your morning before the kids wake.

But I’m definitely NOT advising that. Mainly because we all have different life circumstances and that’s not always possible… Or even advisable (because sleep is also important).

Here’s the thing: I don’t know what time YOU should wake up. But if you sign up for my Morning Makeover Challenge, I’ll certainly help you figure that out!

Your Task:

Sign up for my Morning Makeover Challenge. It’s absolutely free. You can also grab the printable workbook for a few bucks, but that’s totally optional.

(The optional workbook is available to download instantly upon purchase.)

The challenge runs over the course of seven days. You’ll receive daily emails to help guide you through creating a morning routine that works for you.

morning makeover challenge workbook cover


Do your mornings feel rushed? Are you craving a little more structure in your days, or even a sense of purpose? 

Sign up for the FREE 7-Day Morning Makeover Challenge and start making meaningful changes to your morning routine right away.

Over the next seven days, you’ll:

  • Define your perfect morning routine
  • Find time in your busy morning
  • Come up with a solid game plan and more!

3. Find a Creative Outlet

I don’t find time to pursue my creative endeavors – I actually make time for them. To be honest, it’s what keeps me feeling sane. 

I’ve heard a lot of people say that they could never be a stay at home mom. And I wouldn’t be able to, either, if I didn’t have something to drive me forward, something that’s just for ME.

I run two websites and an Etsy shop; writing and designing are my creative outlets. What’s yours?

If you have no idea, then it’s time to do some brainstorming! Even if you think you’re not a creative person, that’s not necessarily true. You might not have discovered your passion yet! 

Your Task:

Grab a pen and notepad. What are you already skilled at? What are some new skills you’d like to learn?

Start with these ideas, but don’t limit yourself to them: 

  • Blogging: Share your thoughts, experiences, or expertise on a blog.
  • Photography: Capture beautiful moments, landscapes, or family portraits.
  • Cooking and Baking: Experiment with new recipes and share them online.
  • Crafts: Create handmade items like jewelry, home decor, or clothing.
  • Painting or Drawing: Express yourself through visual art.
  • Writing: Pen down stories, poems, or even start a novel.
  • Sewing: Make clothing, quilts, or other fabric-based creations.
  • Gardening: Cultivate a beautiful garden space.
  • Music: Learn to play an instrument or compose your own songs.
  • DIY Home Renovation: Tackle home improvement projects.
  • Graphic Design: Create digital artwork and designs.
  • Handmade Soap or Candle Making: Craft personalized, scented soaps or soy candles.
  • Jewelry Making: Design and create unique jewelry pieces.
  • Podcasting: Start a podcast about a topic you’re passionate about.
  • Event Planning: Organize parties, weddings, or other events.
  • Scrapbooking: Preserve and showcase your family’s memories in a creative way, combining photos, mementos, and artwork.
  • Knitting or Crocheting: Create cozy garments, accessories, and home decor using yarn (I prefer crochet myself!).
  • Pottery and Ceramics: Sculpt and create pottery or ceramics pieces, such as vases, bowls, or sculptures.
  • Calligraphy: Learn and practice the art of beautiful handwriting and create personalized cards, invitations, or artwork.
  • Upcycling and Repurposing: Transform old or discarded items into something new and functional.
  • Digital Illustration: Use graphic design software and drawing tablets to create digital art or illustrations.
  • Journaling: Keep a personal journal to document your thoughts, experiences, and emotions.

Fill your cup every day with something that gives you a sense of purpose, even if you only have 5-10 minutes at a time. Try different things if need be, until you find something that you truly enjoy.

4. Get Exercise and Fresh Air Daily

This one can be tricky, especially when the weather isn’t cooperating. Frankly, getting outside and exercising are two of my weak points.

If you experience freezing cold winters or unbearably hot summers, getting fresh air might be difficult. To be honest, some days in the winter, my only fresh air consists of walking down the driveway to the mailbox.

And if you don’t have access to an indoor gym during these times, then exercise might sit on the back burner. I’m fortunate enough to have an elliptical machine in my home. Although, with little kids demanding my attention, it can be difficult to get on it every day.

That said, when you’re a stay at home mom, it’s especially important to get outside and move your body every day. Not just for your physical health, but for your mental and emotional health, as well.

This is why I make the effort to add in even a few minutes of exercise and outside time to my daily routine.

Your Task:

Write down your daily (or weekly) exercise goal. Start small if needed; 150 minutes weekly is a great place to start.

Now, how can you combine exercise and fresh air? Heading out for a walk or playing outdoor games is a great way to include the kids!

Come up with a few ideas that work WITH your schedule. And what are some alternatives for when the weather isn’t cooperating? Add them to your list, too.

To hold yourself accountable, consider setting daily reminders on your phone. You can also design a simple printout to keep track of your goals. Having that visual reminder can be incredibly motivational.

5. Pursue Lifelong Learning

Sure, it can be a lot of fun watching your kids learn new things. (And sometimes their conversations are hilarious!)

But truthfully, children’s books and nursery rhymes aren’t stimulating enough for us as adults. At some point, our brains can start feeling like mush. Which is why we need to give them a good workout on the regular.

And no, I’m not saying you need to go back to school! When it comes to post-secondary education as a stay at home mom, you get to choose the topic and the learning media.

Time to brainstorm again!

Your Task:

Get out your trusty pen and some paper, then set an alarm for five minutes. Think about all the things you’re interested in learning, whether it’s a topic or a new skill, and jot them down on your list. 

Once the timer goes off, it’s time to consider the way you learn best. Are you partial to a physical book? Are you a visual learner? 

Next, give yourself ten minutes or so to find resources for the topics that interest you. That might be:

  • A podcast
  • An audiobook
  • An online course 
  • A documentary
  • A YouTube video
  • A physical book

I love listening to podcasts and audiobooks! I tend to wear a wireless earbud in only one ear. Then I’m free to soak up loads of information while doing chores around the house AND keeping an eye on the kids.

What’s your plan?

Will you watch the videos when you get on the elliptical? Listen to the audiobook while performing the morning chores? Do the reading after the kids have gone to bed?

While you might not have time to start learning immediately, you’ll want to put a plan in place… Or it just isn’t gonna happen. Right now, simply determine your strategy: when, where, and how.

6. Connect With Other Moms

It can be hard to stay connected with old friends once you have a family… And it can be even harder to make new friends when you’re a stay at home mom.

As someone who has moved countless times since becoming a mom, I know how difficult it can be to meet new people. Especially people you can truly connect with.

But the goal here is NOT to find your parenting soulmate. For now, just to put yourself out into the mommysphere and start making those connections. 

It can be rewarding to build a network of people who understand the challenge of raising children in today’s world. And it can aid in your journey toward finding fulfillment as a stay at home mom.

Your Task:

First of all, think of all the places local moms are hanging out. The library is one example.

Next, you’ll need to do a little research into local events where you’ll find other parents – with or without kids. A local “Parents Night Out” is just one example. Join local online forums to aid in your investigation.

Your task is to choose one venue. Schedule an outing into your calendar, whether it’s a toddler music class or Story Hour at the library.

The goal is to eventually exchange contact information with a mom you meet on one of your outings. And to ultimately plan some playdates or kid-free coffee outings.

I know; it’s easier said than done, but you have to start somewhere. And how about this… As soon as I hit ‘publish’ on this post, I’m going to find a social activity for my toddler and myself to do when the other girls are in school.

We’ve got this; after all, we’re in it together!

7. Set Personal Goals

This one relates to ALL the other topics on this list of things that will help you find fulfillment as a stay at home mom. 

Without goals, it can be difficult to feel that sense of purpose we all so desperately need as we journey through life. Up until motherhood, you might have had various goals (whether you realized it or not!) – and, perhaps, becoming a stay at home mom was your ultimate goal.

But now that we’re here… Well, now what?

Of course, the goal is to raise our children. Amidst the daily routines and responsibilities of being a stay-at-home mom, it’s easy to lose sight of your personal aspirations and dreams. However, setting personal goals can be a powerful way to reignite your sense of purpose. 

Your Task:

Come up with a list of goals (or one really big goal). It could involve pursuing a new hobby. Or perhaps embarking on an educational path that aligns with your interests.

Whether it’s writing a book, taking online courses, or dedicating time to a creative outlet… Working towards personal goals allows you to carve out a space for individual growth (and to find your purpose as a stay at home mom).

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8. Reward Your Achievements

The accomplishments of a stay at home mom are seldom rewarded. In the previous section, we talked about goal setting. And while the intrinsic motivation might feel like motivation enough, you deserve a reward for sticking with it and achieving your goals!

It doesn’t have to be something huge and extravagant. But it should somehow relate to your accomplishment without negating it.

For example, rather than buying yourself something new when you finish decluttering the house, reward yourself with a relaxing day at the spa. And a new workout outfit might be a fitting reward for reaching your health and fitness goals.

If the budget is tight, it doesn’t necessarily have to cost you anything! For example, you could reward yourself with a home spa night instead of paying for spa treatment. 

Your Task:

If you’ve already set your personal goal(s), your next task is to decide what would be a fitting reward for achieving them. Take a moment to document your reward. Add it to your goal setting sheet or add an image to your vision board.

And when you accomplish your goal? Make sure to follow through with purchasing or scheduling your ultimate reward!

9. Establish Organizational Systems

Putting organizational systems into place can go a long way when it comes to feeling fulfilled and avoiding burnout.

It always seems to be a work in progress, though. As life’s seasons change, your organizational systems will likely need a refresh. From organizing your home to streamlining daily routines, there are so many ways to establish organization in your life.

Your Task:

Determine the area(s) of your life that would most benefit from a little organization. Start with one thing, then add in more as time allows. 

A few ideas…

Family Calendar: Create a shared family calendar that includes important dates, appointments, and activities. This ensures that everyone is on the same page. It helps to reduce scheduling conflicts and makes it easier to plan your days.

Meal Planning: Develop a weekly meal plan that not only saves time but also allows you to prepare healthier, budget-friendly meals.

Declutter and Simplify: Regularly go through your home to declutter and simplify. Donate, sell, or trash items you no longer need.

Chore Chart: Develop a chore chart for the family, assigning age-appropriate tasks to children. This teaches responsibility and lightens your workload.

Home Organization: Invest in storage solutions, such as shelves, bins, and baskets, to keep everything in its place. Categorize items in your home for easy access.

Central Command Station: Create a command center where you can post important reminders, shopping lists, and family messages.

10. Document Your Journey

And last – but certainly not least of all – enjoy the journey. For some of us, savoring every moment can be hard to do. Sometimes, we get so caught up in trying to “do all the things” that we forget to sit back and enjoy the little moments with our babies.

Thus comes my final task in finding your purpose as a stay at home mom: Document your journey.

Your Task:

If you’re anything like me, you probably have thousands of photos of your kids…on your phone. But what do we do with all those photos? I very rarely print any of them.

But that needs to change!

Print those snapshots and put them in an album. Frame them. Create a scrapbook or compile them into photo books, along with fun little notes about your family members. 

Other ways to document your parenting journey:

  • Keep a journal to document life events
  • Start a digital document with a list of funny things the kids say (I have one for each of my daughters!)
  • Post stories and photos to a private family blog

Start being more intentional about documenting your journey. (Whether it’s just for your own sake or so that your kids can look back at their childhood with fondness.)

Finding Purpose as a Stay at Home Mom

And that concludes my ten tips for finding purpose as a stay at home mom! Which are you going to do first? 

One final note: Even with all these tools in our belts, we still might feel demotivated at times. In fact, this is why it has taken me WEEKS to write this one post, where at times in the past I’ve been able to write two or three in a week. 

Sometimes, we just need to take a step back and re-evaluate. And to give ourselves a little grace. Remember, we’ve got this!

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