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How to Define Your Perfect Morning Routine

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Day 2 of the Makeover Your Mornings Challenge

Here’s our burning question for the day: What’s your perfect morning routine?

Think about it. What’s most important to you? What is the ONE thing you really want to do on a daily basis?

Something that would make a big difference in your life. Something you just can’t seem to find the time for.

In short, what good habit do you want to cultivate that would really make an impact on your life?


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Define Your Perfect Morning Routine

Just stop and think about this for a moment.

It could be anything from exercise and healthy eating to self-improvement. It could be working on your relationship with your kids, finding time for creative pursuits, or reading a little bit every morning.

Once you know what you want to work on improving — what’s important to you — then we’ll think about how you can start making it a part of your morning routine.

Now, sit back and imagine your perfect morning….

For starters, it’s probably not going to be rushed and you’re going to feel a lot more relaxed. And, more importantly, you’ll have enough time to accomplish everything on your list.

Perhaps you’ll have time for a nice, long shower.

Maybe you’ll go for a run before breakfast!

Or connect with your spouse over coffee.

Or even carve out an hour to work on your side business.

That’s a lot of “maybes”! But the key is to start out with whatever is MOST important to you. Think about how you can fit it into your morning routine.

Remember, at this point, you’re just imagining. We’ll work out the details later on… For now, I just want you to paint a vivid picture of what your new morning routine *might* look like.

I want you to get very clear on what you want that perfect morning to look like, imagining it in as much detail as you possibly can.

Why is this important to you? Because, truth be told, you can’t really start to make any meaningful changes until you know what your goals are.

You need to determine your destination before choosing a route, right? Before you can figure out how you’ll get there, you need to know where you’re going.

And that’s what today’s task is all about. It’s figuring out where you want to end up — and don’t move on until you have a good picture in your mind’s eye.


Day 2 Challenge

Today, I have two easy tasks  for you to complete.

First of all, we’re figuring out what our dream morning looks like. By this point, you should have already started thinking about it, but this is a great time to take a few more minutes if needed.

Write it down — either in a nice journal or on a piece of notebook paper — so that you can refer back to it as needed.

Write as much or as little as you would like, be it a long, detailed page or a quick bullet point list. We’ll figure out the details of *how* later on in the challenge, so no need to worry about that right now.

In short, you’re defining your perfect morning. That’s it.

I have one more challenge for you (and maybe you do this already — if you do, that’s great!).

When you get up in the morning, make it a priority to drink a glass of water. This is one thing that can benefit all of us, but we don’t always remember to do it.

If you want, you could even keep a water bottle by your nightstand and do this before even getting out of bed.

Your challenge is to re-hydrate before doing anything else — especially before your first cup of coffee. (Easier said than done, right?!)


Helpful Tools

While not completely necessary, a personalized journal will come in handy for jotting down your thoughts, not only during the challenge, but even if you choose to do journaling for a few minutes each morning.

Because it’s so much more fun to write in a pretty journal than a plain ol’ lined notebook!

Also, investing in a nice water bottle could be a huge motivating factor when it comes to hydrating first thing in the morning.

Hydroflask is a popular choice with over 17 thousand 5-star ratings — not to mention it comes in a variety of colors!



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