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How to Host the Perfect Backyard Bonfire Party This Summer

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 You’re here for some backyard bonfire party ideas, and I’ve gotcha covered!

A bonfire party is one of the most relaxed types of parties, making it one of the simplest to plan. 

Not to mention, there’s nothing like the warmth of a crackling fire and the fun that comes with being in good company.

Today, we’re talking about seven essential items you’re going to need, along with some delicious food and fun game ideas, as well.

Let’s get started!


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But First, What’s a Bonfire Party?

Not 100% sure what this type of party is? Don’t worry, it’s nothing crazy. You’ve probably even been to one or two…or a couple dozen.

A bonfire party is one of the easiest ways to host an awesome get-together, but with less work.

There’s nothing like the warmth of a bonfire and some good company to turn a celebration — or a boring old summer evening — into a memorable night with friends and family.

You can plan a bonfire party for:


  • birthday party for adults
  • your child’s Sweet 16
  • a graduation bonfire party
  • bonfire block party
  • engagement party


A bonfire party is one of the easiest ways to host an awesome get-together, but with less work.Click To Tweet


Bonfire Party Essentials

Wondering what kind of supplies you need to host a backyard bonfire soiree this summer? Here’s a list of the top seven bonfire party essentials.


1. A fire pit. (Obviously.)

You’ll need some kind of fire pit, whether it’s a hole in the ground, a portable bonfire, a fire table, or something else.

We love our Solo Stove bonfire, which is a portable fire pit designed to be almost completely smokeless (so no lingering campfire smell!).

Oh, and you’ll need someone who can build a mean bonfire….


photo of bonfire, a fun family fall activity


2. Firewood.

If it’s a wood burning fire pit (like the Solo Stove I mentioned above), you’ll need plenty of logs to keep the fire burning, as well as a lighter to get it started.

If it’s not log friendly, you’ll need whatever type of fuel your fire pit requires.


3. Something to sit on.

If you don’t already have bonfire seating, you’ll need to come up with something for guests to sit on.

Adirondack chairs are a great choice. Cushioned patio chairs are always nice, too. But if that’s not in the budget, then you’ll have to use whatever is available.

Fold-up camping chairs work great, as do nice, big logs (for short periods of time!). If you don’t have enough seating, it’s common to ask guests to bring their camping chairs from home.


4. Food and drinks.

It’s not a bonfire without s’mores! Scroll down for some additional menu ideas for your bonfire party.


5. Tunes.

Of course, music is a bonfire party essential, as well. Put together a playlist of your favorite bonfire songs ahead of time so you can keep the party going all night long.


6. Outdoor lighting.

This is one of the most overlooked aspects of a backyard bonfire area.

You can create the perfect ambiance with the right lighting. String lights are one of the most popular ways to light up the backyard during an outdoor party.



7. Fun bonfire activities.

Last, but not least, it’s not a party without planning some fun activities to keep everyone engaged. Continue reading for some fun bonfire party game ideas.


Bonus: Glow sticks are a fun addition to any bonfire party!


Food Ideas for Your Bonfire Party

Let’s talk about the menu for your bonfire party. Of course, you could stick to the basics — hot dogs and s’mores. But if you’re looking for some additional food ideas, here they are:


1. Fondue. Plus, food to dip in the fondue: bread, fruit, vegetables, meat, etc.

2. Burgers and hot dogs. Make sure to provide the buns, plus all the toppings: ketchup and mustard, relish, cheese, and pickles…

3. Salads. Potato salad and pasta salad are popular choices.

4. Chips and dip. Plain potato chips are always good, and they pair well with all kinds of dip.

5. S’mores. Chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers are the standard — but you can mix it up with a variety of chocolates (Reese’s peanut butter cups, for example) and different marshmallow flavors.

6. Fruit. Watermelon is a delicious summery treat, and a fruit salad can’t be beat. (Did you catch the rhyme? It was completely unintentional, but now I don’t want to change it…)

7. Food to roast over the fire:


  • Marshmallows
  • Bread
  • Crumpets
  • Fruit kebabs
  • Milky Way bars
  • Bananas rolled in sugar
  • Pineapples
  • Strawberries
  • Pizza pops
  • Hot dogs
  • String cheese
  • Summer sausage


(What are your favorite foods to roast over the fire? Is there something that I’m missing from the list? Share your ideas in the comments box!)


Bonfire Party Games & Activities

Finally, we need to plan a few party games to make sure everyone doesn’t get bored and leave too soon. Here are some fun game and activity ideas for your summer backyard bonfire party.


1. Yard games (before it gets dark)

2. Glow stick games (after dark)

  • glow stick tag
  • glow stick scavenger hunt
  • ring toss
  • glow in the dark bowling

3. Karaoke and/or dancing

4. Twenty questions, truth or dare, etc.


What Do You Take to a Bonfire Party?

Never been to a bonfire party before? First of all, ask the host if you should bring a dish to share and/or beverages, and find out if you’ll need to bring a camping chair.

You’ll also want to consider bringing long sleeved clothing and a blanket, as well as bug spray — just in case. 



There are so many ways to host an unforgettable bonfire party!

If you have horses and a trailer, consider taking everyone on a hayride. Host a series of competitions and have everyone team up, then award a prize to the team with the most wins. Have a sing-along or tell campfire stories.

The options are limitless. What are you going to have at YOUR summer bonfire party?


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