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Easy Spring & Easter Crafts for Kids

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With Easter drawing near, I thought I’d put together a list of fun and easy Spring and Easter crafts for kids.

My toddler loves to make crafts. She needs quite a bit of help still, but it’s a lot of fun for her to help make something out of a few crafts supplies I have on hand.

And I never go out of my way to buy supplies to make something — I always look for craft ideas that only require materials I already have on hand.

Pinterest is a great resource for finding quick, easy Easter crafts for kids (or any craft ideas you’re looking for)! When the mood strikes, I pull up Pinterest and look for something that is both cute and simple.


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Recommended Supplies

Here are a few common kids’ craft supplies you might want to have on hand to make these easy spring & Easter crafts for toddlers.


1. jumbo popsicle sticks

2. toilet paper rolls

3. washable paint

4. cotton balls and/or cotton pads

5. construction paper

6. paper plates

7. pom poms

8. googly eyes

9. felt fabric

10. kids’ scissors

11. glue sticks 

12. tacky glue


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How to Make a Very Hungry Caterpillar Craft for Spring

This morning, Kenna asked to do a craft, so I said okay…found a cute, simple paper flowers craft for us to make…and went downstairs to get the supplies.

That was when I realized that all our craft supplies are already boxed up (we’re in the process of moving)!

So we’ll have to update when we have a chance to do a spring craft…for now, here’s a picture of her Very Hungry Caterpillar that we made together a few weeks ago. (As you can see, Kenna had to add her personal touches, including a tail. 🙂


photo of a caterpillar craft


1. First, cut a leaf shape out of a piece of green construction paper and glue it to another sheet of construction paper.

2. Then make your caterpillar, using a cardboard toilet paper roll (or a medicine cup in our case, since we didn’t happen to have any toilet paper rolls that were empty just then) and some paint. I let Kenna do this part, with a little guidance on placement.

3. And once the paint dries, draw the eyes, mouth, antennas, legs, etc. onto the caterpillar.


More Craft Ideas for Kids + Toddlers

Here are some more easy Spring and Easter craft ideas for kids. I will continue adding to the list as I come across new ideas!


Spring Craft Ideas for Kids

Construction paper frog craft–sitting on a lily leaf

Q-tip daisy craft

Coffee filter flower craft

Caterpillar pom-pom craft

Noodle sunflowers

Recycled CD ladybug craft for kids

Butterfly handprint card

DIY Spring crafts for kids to make


Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

Fuzzy chicks Easter egg decorating

Toilet roll Easter bunnies

Easter bunny pom pom craft

Easter egg potato stamping with template

Salt dough Easter eggs

Process art scrape painting with bunny silhouettes

Shaving cream marbled paper Easter eggs

Funky chick Easter egg craft for kids

DIY chalkboard Easter eggs

40 Adorable Easter bunny crafts for kids


Simple crafts are fun for the kids to do, and they make great decorations for the home this Spring. You can frame them, display them on a shelf, or even hang them on the fridge to add a handmade splash of color to your home.



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