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22 Helpful Chores Your 4 Year Old Can Do (& How to Thank Them)

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Chores for Preschoolers to Help Make Your Life Easier

If you have a preschooler, like I do, then this is the perfect time to add in some chores for them — enter this list of chores your 4 year old can help with.

Starting them out requires a lot of patience. But, once they have a routine, they’ll be happy little helpers!

The main problem with adding chores into your child’s day is figuring out what they can actually help with, without it being too complicated.

A preschooler obviously can’t do the same chores as a teenager. But there are a lot of things they CAN do.

Let’s take a look at some good examples of chores for a 4 year old.


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Morning Chores

If your child starts out with some morning chores, it will help start their day with a sense of responsibility. Did you know that what you do in the morning sets up your entire day?

Here are some examples of chores a 4 year old can do in the morning.


1. Make His/Her Bed

Making the bed in the morning is the first step to a successful day.

Now, clearly, with a sweet kid this young, you can’t expect the bed of a 5-star hotel. But, you can teach them to pull the sheets up and fluff the pillows as a helpful chore!

Also, this will automatically make the room look cleaner.


2. Brush Teeth

This is a hygiene staple, of course. But it’s also good to add this in as a chore!

Since we want to reward good work, you can motivate your 4 year old to brush his or her teeth to the best of their ability. (Rather than a rushed brush, they’ll want to take their time to meet your standards.)

The best part of adding this into their routine? They’ll get used to doing it without you having to ask.


3. Wipe the Bathroom Sink After Brushing

Regardless of age, a bathroom sink can get pretty nasty after a few brushes.

Keep some wipes like these under your sink! Then, ask your 4 year old to take one, wipe out the sink after brushing, and then throw it in the trash.

This is such a simple way to regularly keep your bathroom fairly clean.


4. Put Pajamas in the Dirty Clothes Hamper

This is another “well, duh” example. But, reminding them to put their pajamas in the dirty clothes pile when they wake up will set them up to always put their dirty clothes where they belong.

(Instead of just throwing them on the floor. Trust me, you’ll appreciate this when they hit their teenage years!)


5. Pick Out Clothes and Get Dressed

Four years old is a great age to begin picking out their own clothes and getting dressed on their own.

Of course, they may not always match perfectly.  But this will give them independence in showing off their own style and creativity.

(And, I mean, isn’t it also a win that you won’t have to take the extra time to dress them, too?)


If your child starts out with some morning chores, it will help start their day with a sense of responsibility.Click To Tweet


Laundry Chores

Learning the beginning steps of laundry at such a young age will definitely prove to be helpful in the long run.

Even though your 4 year old may not be able to actually do their own laundry, there are a few things they can help out with.


6. Separate Jeans

If you don’t wash clothes separately, this may not help much, after all. But, if you do, get them to bring you their jeans on jean-washing day. This is something they can definitely differentiate.


7. Separate Colors (Also Practices Colors)

This is a great learning tool. (And super helpful to busy parents!)

Once your child starts learning colors, let them bring you those certain colored clothes to wash. Even if your 4 year old is already familiar with all the colors, this is a great way to practice naming them.

Show them an example of the color you want (red shirt) and ask them to bring all their dirty clothes that match it!


8. Gather Hangers

Another super easy chore they can do is bring you hangers after clothes get washed. If you want to practice counting, ask for a certain number of hangers and then help count them out.

Even though that may take extra time, they’ll be learning while doing chores.


9. Put Up Clothes

Don’t expect them to fold all their laundry perfectly yet, but a 4 year old should be able to put their folded clothes with the rest and hang up their hanging clothes (if they can reach).


Household Chores

We can all use a little bit of help around the house, right? Here are some household chores a 4 year old can do without problems.


10. Vacuum

Most vacuums are way too big for a small 4 year old. But you can get a small one like this and they’ll be able to play house while actually cleaning.



11. Dust

I don’t recommend letting them dust near glass objects. But they can easily use a rag to dust off countertops, baseboards, or even window blinds.


12. Wipe Windows

Since your 4 year old is probably the one leaving handprints on your windows, let them help you clean it off. Just make sure you use a kid-safe window spray.


13. Bag Up Small Trash Cans

If you have small trash cans around your house (mainly ones that use grocery bags as fillers), let them go around and bag up the trash.

Show them how to tie the top into a small knot and ask them to collect all the bags like that.


14. Bedroom Chores

Every parent wants their kid(s) to keep a clean room, right? Teach them to pick up their room young, so that you don’t have to beg them to do it when they get older.


15. Pick Up the Floor

Always make sure that you can easily walk throughout their room. If you can’t ask them to pick up the floor to make a path.


16. Put Away Toys

Listen, you want them to have fun and play. But you shouldn’t have to always pick up after them.

A great chore a 4 year old can do is put away their own toys. Ask them to put up everything where they got it from.


Kitchen Chores

We spend so much time in kitchens between eating, snacking, cooking, etc. Here are some simple chores to add into your kid’s to-do list.


17. Help Set Tables for Meals (Napkins, Forks, Etc.)

Since they have to eat too, it’s not too much to ask for them to help out. Give them some napkins and safe utensils to put out. Tell them to put one of each at every seat.

Understandably, you’re not going to hand them steak knives.

Here are some safe utensils for kids to handle, though — it’s the same set we purchased, and I highly recommend them. They are both beautiful and high quality.


18. Put Dishes in Sink/Dishwasher

Your 4 year old might be able to help you load the dishwasher or put dirty dishes in the sink. Just show them where they go and remind them to be careful!


19. Sweep

Get a kid’s sweeping set like this and ask them to sweep the kitchen after dinner.


Bedtime Chores

Since it’s time to settle down, you don’t want to put any strenuous chores on your 4 year old’s list. Here are some examples of what they can do to get ready for bed.


20. Brush Teeth

Twice a day keeps the dentist away, right? Remind them to brush their teeth before bed. Also, get them to clean out the sink again like they did that morning.


21. Clean Hairbrush

Does your kiddo have a brush full of hair? If so, teach them how to clean off their brush after brushing their hair at night. That way, they’ll have a clean brush to use every morning.


22. Hang Up Towels After Shower or Bath

How many times do you walk into a bathroom and see towels on the floor? Show them how to hang the towel up after they use it! It’ll help the towels dry and will keep them clean longer.


3 Reasons to Have Chores for a 4 Year Old

Being young is a good reason to not have to do many things. But, there are a few perks of giving chores to a 4 year old.


1. Help You Out

Need I say more? You have the responsibility of being a parent. It’s okay to get a little help from your child or children.


2. Teach Responsibility

Chores teach responsibility, which obviously helps them succeed in life. They’ll also take more pride in their own things because they were taught at such a young age to do so.


3. Implement Routines

Life is full of routines. Between school, work, and family, a schedule of some degree is pretty much necessary. Being able to stick with a routine at 4 years old can give them a lifelong skill.


How to Thank Your 4 Year Old for Completing Their Chores

Although you don’t have to reward your 4 year old, showing them that you appreciate their efforts can help encourage them. Make sure you actually say, “thank you,” when they complete a chore. 

You can also set monthly rewards for them if they complete a chore. For example, you may tell your 4 year old that if they do all their chores this month, they can pick where to eat out one night the following month.

Some people say you shouldn’t reward your children for chores because they are needed, and that’s totally fine.

But I do think it helps to at least offer praise while they are working on a task, as well as a “thank you” once complete. We all want to be seen, right?

You want a raise at your job for doing well. Your 4 year old deserves something for doing their job well, too.


Although some people say you shouldn’t reward your children for chores because they are needed, I think it does help to at least offer a 'thank you'. We all want to be seen, right?Click To Tweet


Easy Chores for a 4 Year Old

There are so many different chores you can give your 4 year old, there’s no reason not to.

Whether you start them out with a few or add this whole list to their routine, you’re helping them prepare for the future while they’re helping you in the present! 

Don’t forget to reward them, even if you just say, “thank you,” and everyone will stay pretty happy.


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