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19 Spring Activities for Families (6 of them are FREE)

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Fun Bonding Activities to Plan for Your Family in the Spring

We’re heading into one of the most blissful, yet invigorating, seasons — which makes it the perfect time to plan some fun Spring activities for many families.

But deciding what to do can be hard, which is why I’m sharing 19 different activities for your family to try this Spring.

(FYI: You can do the first six completely FREE!)


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The Importance of Family Activities

There’s nothing better than having a close bond with your family. That being said, the majority of family bonds are made through quality time. 

One of the best ways to have quality time with your family is by planning activities with them.

With the fresh colors and beautiful weather, Spring is the perfect time to plan fun activities for your family.

Spending time outdoors is both healthy and fun! But even if you aren’t a fan of the outdoors, there are so many other activities for families that can be done indoors.

With the bright, natural light that Spring can carry throughout your house, there’s no reason you can’t have quality time inside.

Whether your family enjoys playing tennis or a board game, this list will help you find the perfect Spring activity.


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1. Walk Around a Park

A leisurely walk through the park is one of the best, and simplest, Spring activities for families. The trees are full and you’ll normally see many different flowers blooming.

To find a local park near you, open up your maps application on your phone. Then type in “parks” and you can find the closest one to you.

If you want to see park reviews and pictures, you can search the park name in Google or Instagram.


2. Find a Local Playground

Just like a walk around a park, this is another great activity to plan for your family. Especially if you have little ones, a playground can be a great way to enjoy a beautiful Spring day.

You can also find a playground by searching for local parks.


3. Find Shapes in Clouds

Remember cloud watching as a kid? Such a fun tradition to carry on with your family!

Lay in your front yard or the nearest park and watch the clouds go by, giving them stories.

Not only will your family be getting fresh air, but you will all be using your creative imaginations — which is great for everyone’s mental health.

(You’ll probably get some good belly laughs in, too, which is also very good for the health!)


4. Build an Ecosystem

If you want to add in some education, one of your spring activities should be to build an ecosystem.

Building an ecosystem is a lot easier than it sounds. All you need is a glass jar like this one!

Then go to a river, creek, lake, or ocean. Find some dirt or sand, plants, maybe even some critters, and then add the natural water.

Once you all get home, place your jars in a bright window. Once the sediment settles, you’ll be able to see all the life that lives within your ecosystem.


5. Go Hiking

If you have a very active family, then hiking could be the perfect spring activity.

Since the weather will most likely be cool and comfortable, your family will enjoy a day of hiking with beautiful views of trees, mountains, or waterfalls.


Pro Mom Tip: If you’re planning an all day hike for your family, you’ll definitely want to pack a small picnic or snack. A picnic backpack like this is perfect to carry it all in.


my husband and daughter on a fun family hike


6. Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is April 22, and having an Earth Day celebration could be a fun activity for your family (that may even become a generational tradition).

Even if your Earth Day celebration is just sitting outside with your family, you’ll never forget this quality time.


7. Explore a Museum

You can often find free museums to explore, but others may have a small fee. Depending on your budget and location, a museum may be the best activity to plan.

A museum is a great idea for families who enjoy history, art, or any other kind of educational fun.


8. Start a New Book Together

Reading a good book with your family, and discussing different ideas, themes, or plots, can be so much fun.

You can either set aside time for everyone to read together or even create a family book club.

Either way, this is a great activity for education, imagination, and literature practice.


9. Play a Board Game

Another great activity for families is playing a board game. There are so many different options, but Candyland is a favorite at our house


10. Color Together

Don’t underestimate how enjoyable coloring can be. Grab some colored pencils, crayons, or markers and let your family get creative.

(Is your art supply sadly lacking? Then grab a complete art set like this.)

You will all be able to express yourselves and then talk about your pages when you’re finished. You may just find out that you are raising the next Picasso.


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11. Decorate Easter Eggs

One of the most traditional spring activities for families is decorating Easter eggs. Although families usually decorate with dyes, there are so many more options now.

You can use tissue paper, crayons, and even stickers on the eggs to keep your work area neat and clean. 


my toddler coloring on an egg


12. Make DIY Easter Baskets

Another Easter related family activity is to create your own Easter baskets. Many people do this with milk jugs, but there are plenty of other ways as well.

Some container ideas that would make neat baskets:


  • woven paper
  • ice cream pails
  • tin pails
  • tote bags
  • mason jars


Watching kids stuff Easter eggs into DIY baskets can be so rewarding!


13. Fly a Kite

Buy a cheap kite and go fly it with your family. If everyone wants to fly one, you could buy a set like this and have competitions on who can fly their kite the longest or the highest.


14. Draw on the Sidewalk

Grab a few sets of vibrant chalk paint and get everyone together to draw on the sidewalk on a bright and sunny Spring day. This way your family will be able to enjoy being outside, while still being involved with each other.


15. Plan a Family Sports Day

Playing sports together is a great Spring activity for active families. You may need to buy a few pieces of equipment (if you don’t already have what you need).

But at least you can go in your yard or to a park and play for free! Check out Facebook marketplace for used sport items if you don’t already have them.

A few fun family sports to try:


  • kickball
  • basketball
  • tee ball
  • baseball
  • soccer


16. Browse a Farmer’s Market

Do you know if you have a local farmer’s market? If not, you should definitely find out!

Normally, they’re held on Saturday mornings. If you do have one near you, your family activity can be to browse the aisles and find fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, and handmade crafts.

There is usually a little bit of something for everyone.


17. Paint and Hide Rocks

A popular idea that is circulating the world is to paint and hide rocks. Since all you need to buy is paint, this is a super budget friendly family activity.

Grab some paint pens like these, find rocks outside (make sure you are allowed to take them), find your creative side and paint them super pretty! And then hide them anywhere.


Pro Mom Tip: If you don’t know what to paint, Pinterest has tons of great ideas.


18. Start a Garden

How nice would it be to walk outside and find fresh fruit and vegetables or beautiful flowers in the yard?

Planting a garden can be a fun-filled Spring activity for families that like to get down and dirty. Also, Spring is the best time for most plants.

You can buy assorted veggie seeds  or plant entire flowers. It’s completely up to you and your family!


19. Start Spring Journals

Keeping journals is one of my favorite family activities! Even for the little ones, this is a wonderful memento that everyone will cherish many years down the road.

You can buy a set of journals like these and encourage your family to document the season of life that you’re in.


Spring Activities for Families

Family activities can help you grow a special and sacred relationship with your family, while staying active and fostering creativity.

When you plan your family activity, make sure you acknowledge the weather and prices before you decide to do them. That way, everyone can be prepared on what to budget for, wear, and expect.

You will also want to check for COVID restrictions. Since most of these Spring activities are outdoors, you should be safe.

But you should still take as many precautions as you can. If you want to, you can even choose to plan your family activity in your own home.

Planning Spring activities for your family doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Since there are a variety of free family activities you can plan for Spring, there’s no reason to make an excuse.


31 Day Challenge

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I still plan activities for my family during COVID?

You can definitely plan activities for your family during the COVID-19 pandemic. The safest options will be outdoor activities, but you can still do many different things inside your home. 


Q: Can I plan Spring activities for my family while on a tight budget?

Spring activities for families can easily be planned on a tight budget. There are so many family activities that are very budget friendly.

But if your budget doesn’t allow for any paid activities, you can always plan a free one.

Hiking, walking in a local park, and building an ecosystem are all fun, free options.


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  1. I love these ideas! I struggle with trying to figure out what to do being that my younger two are two years old and my eldest is five. They never seem to want to do the same things.

    1. Oh man! That’s rough. My girls are the exact opposite right now — unfortunately, that means they always want the same toys at the same time, too. I’m sure that will change, though, as they get older and their interests change!

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