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Thoughtful DIY Gift in a Jar Ideas for Christmas

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How to Give a Gift in a Jar for Christmas This Year

If you want to simplify gift-giving this year, you’ll want to check out these gift in a jar ideas for Christmas.

A homemade “gift in a jar” is the perfect way to show off your creative side!

You’ve probably seen, and possibly even received, something like the popular cookie mix in a mason jar. (I have, and it was awesome!)

But this isn’t your only option. One year, I made a big batch of Christmas trail mix and divided it into large mason jars, then gifted them to the family.

Consider the following gift in a jar present ideas.


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But First, You’ll Need Some Mason Jars…

For your convenience, here are some quick links to mason jars in a few different sizes. You might want bigger or smaller jars, depending on what you plan on putting in them.


Large jars

Mid-size jars

Small jars


Now that you have your jars, let’s get started! Here are some thoughtful gift in a jar ideas for Christmas — or any occasion, really.


Dessert in a Jar

Of course, there are numerous desserts, like cookies or brownies, that can be presented as a gift in a jar for Christmas.

I can personally attest that this Cowgirl Cookies recipe makes some awesome cookies.

If you have a favorite recipe for made-from-scratch brownies, pre-mix the dry ingredients in a mason jar.

Layer them in a way that creates visual appeal, and give them (along with the recipe) to your friends and family.

A few more dessert in a jar ideas:


  • peppermint brownies
  • quick bread
  • banana bread
  • s’mores
  • salted caramel sauce
  • toffee blondies
  • cupcake >>> pre-make it so they can eat it right from the jar!


Soup in a Jar

Chicken noodle, bean, and rice: Soup in a jar is another great idea for a homemade Christmas gift.

For a hearty, healthy bean soup, layer a variety of dry beans in pint size mason jars: black beans, lentils, split peas, kidney beans, pinto beans, and more.

Leave enough space at the top of each jar for a bay leaf and a bouillon cube.

Remember to include the cooking instructions; find the instructions for cooking this bean soup in a jar at the Organized Christmas website.


Hot Cocoa in a Jar

Pre-mix the hot cocoa ingredients in a bowl before adding them to a quart size mason jar:


  • 3-¼ cups powdered milk
  • half of a 5-ounce package non-instant chocolate pudding mix
  • ½ cup powdered chocolate drink mix
  • ¼ cup powdered non-dairy creamer
  • ¼ cup confectioners sugar
  • ¼ cup unsweetened cocoa powder


Include the instructions for making hot cocoa: Combine ⅓ cup cocoa mix with one cup boiling water.

Present a candy cane with each jar.


Bath Salts in a Jar

Give the gift of pampering to a friend this Christmas with a jar of homemade bath salts.

In a bowl, combine:


  • 4 cups of sea salt or epsom salt
  • a few drops of essential oil, such as lavender or eucalyptus


Divide the bath salts between two pint size mason jars. Adjust the recipe to make more or less, if desired.

Make the jar look pretty by decorating the lid with a piece of trendy fabric or ribbon, and attach a small scoop to the jar.


mason jar with a scoop tied to it
Image by April Rodmyre from Pixabay


A few additional DIY ideas for filling your mason jars:


  • bath fizzies
  • sugar scrub
  • bath tea soak


Beauty in a Jar

You don’t necessarily need a recipe to make a gift in a jar. Give a “home spa in a jar” instead!

Fill a mason jar with beauty products, such as:


– makeup and applicators

– trial-size perfume

fingernail polish

– nail clippers and files

– cotton balls


…and anything useful that might fit inside the jar.

Decorate the jar with a ribbon, bow, fabric, or anything you like.


How to Decorate Your Gift in a Jar

Need some more ideas for decorating your gift in a jar before presenting it to its recipient?

It’s really not that hard!

First of all, if you are gifting something that requires instructions, like food, then you’ll want to attach them to the jar.

You could either attach it with ribbon or even print the instructions onto a label, then stick it to the side of the jar.

Want more actual decorating ideas? Then you’ll definitely want to read How to Decorate Mason Jars for Christmas Gifts (or Any Occasion).


Gift in a Jar Ideas for Christmas

Have you ever given or received a gift in a jar for Christmas, or any other occasion? What was in it?

If you’re looking for a crafty, unique Christmas present idea, give your friends and family members a gift in a jar this holiday season.

Which one will you go with?


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