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Useful Gifts to Put in a Christmas Eve Box for Your 1 Year Old

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What to Put in a Christmas Eve Box for Baby or Toddler

Not entirely sure what to put in a Christmas Eve box for your 1 year old?

If you LOVE the idea of starting this new tradition with your family, but you’re stuck trying to figure out what to put in it, you’re in the right place.

Babies and toddlers don’t need much, other than the basics: clothing, books, toys, and maybe some snacks.

So that’s what we’re going to focus on today. And have I got some fun ideas for you!

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But First: What is a Christmas Eve Box?

A fairly new trend, Christmas Eve boxes are just that — boxes of gifts to be opened (and possibly used) on Christmas Eve.

Movies and books, games, and snacks, like popcorn and hot chocolate, are commonly found in these gift boxes.

The trend reportedly emerged from the German tradition of opening gifts on Christmas Eve, rather than Christmas Day. 

Want to put together Christmas Eve boxes for your own kiddos? First, you’ll need to start out with a box. 

The size you’ll need kind of depends on what you plan to put inside the boxes, but these holiday patterned shirt boxes should be perfect for any of the items on this list.

A fairly new trend, Christmas Eve boxes are just that -- boxes of gifts to be opened (and possibly used) on Christmas Eve. Click To Tweet

Things to Put in a Christmas Eve Box for 1 Year Old

And now for the real question: What should you put in a Christmas Eve box for a one year old? 

Let me share some fun (and useful) finds with you!

1. Christmas Pajamas (to Match the Family’s)

We’ve all seen them: the matching family Christmas pajamas. But most of us have never actually worn them…right?!

If you’ve always secretly wanted to get matching pajamas for the entire family to wear on Christmas Eve, I’ve found the cutest set for ya. They’re black and white buffalo check, with a faux red drop seat.

> > > That’s personalized with each family member’s name.

Yep, your baby’s name will be displayed on the seat of his or her pants, and it’s actually pretty adorable.

Baby sizes (3 months – 18 months) come in bodysuit style, while toddler through adult sizes are pant sets.

Honestly, this has got to be one of the cutest family pajama sets I’ve seen. But you don’t have to trust me.

See for yourself right here.

2. Simple Striped Sleeper

If you’re looking for something a little more simple, then a striped pajama sleeper might be more up your alley.

This striped pajama sleeper is available on Amazon in four different Christmas color options and sizes that range from 3 months to 5 toddler.

And yes, this one is available in sizes for the whole family, too! (Just so you know….)

striped sleeper pajama

3. Personalized Bedtime Book

Did you know that you can order custom storybooks with your child’s name printed within the story? Super cute! This bedtime storybook is just adorable, and your baby will enjoy reading “their” story for years to come.

4. Christmas in the Manger [Board Book]

Prefer a more Christmas-y book for your 1 year old’s Christmas Eve box?

Christmas in the Manger is a board book, perfect for little hands, with lyrical text that tells the Christmas story.

5. Touch and Feel Puzzle

At one year old, your kiddo’s probably just learning how to put together the simplest of puzzles.

This touch and feel puzzle is perfect for little minds who are just starting out. It’s a wooden puzzle with four animal-shaped puzzle pieces that actually stand up (for pretend play).

Each piece also has a soft, fuzzy texture to provide a unique sensory experience. Oh, and there’s a little mirror in the middle of the puzzle.

This wooden puzzle will keep your 1 year old busy for a while, and it’s the perfect size to fit in a gift box!

6. Plush Toys

If you’re looking for something on the softer side, these plush toys from MightyNest are not only adorable, but they’re made of organic cotton.

Perfect for a good snuggle! Whether you choose Kozy Koala or Frenchy Fox, you simply can’t go wrong.

Click here to download the FREE stay-at-home bucket list for 100+ activity ideas, and your kids will never get bored!

7. Cozy Fleece Slippers

At this age, your one year old is going to need slippers that not only keep their feet warm, but are grippy for walking and don’t fall off easily.

And you’re in luck! I found these adorable non-skid, fleece slippers that come in a variety of colors and designs.

(I kind of like the bunny ears myself, but honestly, they’re all pretty cute!)

You can grab a pair of these babies from Amazon to put in YOUR baby’s Christmas Eve box.

8. Toddler-Friendly Snacks

Last, but not least, we can’t forget the snacks!

Toddlers practically live on snacks, so it’s important to find healthy ones that also taste good.

Not an easy feat! But here are some of our favorite toddler-approved snacks that will fit inside a Christmas Eve box:

organic freeze dried fruit and yogurt

teensy fruit snacks

superfood smoothie squeeze pouch

What are your thoughts on this Christmas Eve tradition? I think it’s a really fun idea, but haven’t done it myself yet.

Perhaps we’ll give it a try this year….

If you’re putting together Christmas Eve boxes for your family this year, we’d love to hear from you in the comments. Let us know what you plan to put in them!

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  1. I had no idea this was a fairly new trend. My whole life we’ve opened something on x-mas eve. Now we put a bunch of dollar store gifts in a big trash bag and the kids open and then will exchange with their siblings if they don’t like what they opened. These are such great ideas!

    1. That’s a great idea, Therese! Thanks for sharing. I think we actually got to open one gift on Christmas Eve when I was a kid, too. I’m thinking it’s more the idea of a specific “Christmas Eve box” that’s become trendy recently, with items they could potentially use on that night, like Christmasy pajamas, for example, or something to sort of take the edge off the excitement for Christmas morning (which would hopefully help kids fall asleep more easily!).

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