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Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Desk | Product Review

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Thinking about buying the Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Desk? We ordered it a couple years ago, and I wanted to answer any questions you might have. Updated December 2020.

When we bought our first home, a built-in solid oak desk came with it. I absolutely loved having my office right off the kitchen, so I could work while making dinner.

However, it was built in, so naturally we couldn’t take it along when we moved.

After moving, I spent $20 on a cheap desk to use in our tiny rental home. It worked as a temporary fix, but you certainly get what you pay for when you decide to go cheap.

Before long, my husband and I bought a new house that didn’t come with a beautiful built-in home office. We were in the market for something nice, but not too expensive.

We had a really hard time finding anything in the local stores, though.

So we started looking online and compared various options, finally settling on the Bush Furniture Cabot L shaped desk with a hutch.

Here’s my review.


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Quick Overview

The Bush Furniture Cabot L shaped desk comes in several finishes: Harvest Cherry (which we chose), Espresso Oak, and Heather Gray.

The total dimensions of the desk and hutch are 66.65″H x 59.45″W x 59.45″D and the product weight is 212 pounds.

It features 60 inches of work space in either direction, an integrated 4-port USP hub, concealed cabinet space, open cubbies, and a file drawer.

Updating to add: There’s 17.5″ clearance between the top of the desk and the bottom of the hutch, so if you plan to put a computer monitor in this space, make sure it will fit.

The doors boast fluted glass for semi-concealed storage, and the hardware comes in a chrome finish.


December 2020 Update: We moved again and took this desk with us; it sat in a storage unit (without temperature control) for a year and there was no damage.

After a couple years, the desk has a little bit of wear from children and cats, but otherwise it’s still in great shape, and has held up well.


photo of Bush Furniture Cabot L shaped desk harvest cherry


Delivery of the Desk

We chose the Bush Furniture Cabot L shaped desk that comes with a hutch, so it arrived in three boxes.

The boxes are heavy (a total of 212 pounds). Also, they arrived shrink-wrapped on a pallet, which adds even more weight. Due to its size and weight, the desk was delivered to our house on a semi trailer.

The trucking company called ahead of time to schedule the delivery. The driver also called 20 minutes prior to arrival to ensure someone would be home to receive the packages.

He unloaded the entire pallet onto our driveway, then I signed for the delivery, and he went on his way.

When we ordered our desk through Amazon, we were given the option to have it delivered into the front entry. We decided to decline.

My husband was able to unwrap the boxes and individually move them into the house when he arrived home (despite their weight!).


the desk in the process of assembly


Assembling the Desk and Hutch

Admittedly, I didn’t do much of the desk assembly. However, Dan insists that it was very easy to put together.

Keep in mind that there are quite a few pieces, so it’s going to take some time.

You will likely need someone to help out — at least with parts of it, such as when it comes to attaching the hutch to the desk (if you choose to purchase the hutch).

Note that the hutch CAN be placed on either side of the desk, depending on whichever side you prefer.

Dan spent several hours each evening on a Thursday and Friday putting the desk together.

Then I spent the entire weekend setting up the computer and unpacking boxes of office supplies, organizing them in the various compartments.

It doesn’t sound very exciting, but it was to me. After using a nightstand as a desk for the past couple months, I was VERY ready for a proper office.


the desk once completely assembled


Review of the Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Desk

Overall, the Bush Furniture Cabot L shaped desk is living up to our expectations. It looks great in the corner where we set it up in our basement, and the quality we got in return for our money is more than satisfactory.

The size is about perfect for my home business. Although there definitely isn’t an abundance of leg room underneath the desk, it works just fine for me.

A lot of the reviews on Amazon warned that a standard size computer monitor will not fit underneath the hutch.

While our monitor is shorter and does fit under it, I chose to place it on the opposite side anyway. That setup works better with our “home office” layout.

Note: There’s 17.5″ clearance between the top of the desk and the bottom of the hutch.

For the typical home and an average budget, this desk would be perfect. If you need an extremely high quality desk, I’m afraid you’re going to have to spend quite a bit more money.

At that point, I would suggest hiring a cabinet maker to design a custom built-in desk. However, if you just need more storage space in your home office, check out the next section for various add-on items.

Otherwise, you can click here to get current Amazon pricing.


photo of Bush Furniture Cabot L shaped desk once decorated and organized


Add-On Products and Variations

If you simply need a desk without the extra storage, you can absolutely buy the desk on its own. However, if you’re looking for storage space, you can get various add-ons (and potentially save money by purchasing them all together).

I had considered getting the sit-to-stand version of the Bush Furniture Cabot L shaped desk, but in the end, opted for the slightly more budget-friendly choice of just the desk and hutch.

However, you can also get a matching 6-cube organizer, a lateral file cabinet, and a 5-shelf bookcase to go with it.

I spent a lot of time researching and comparing desks, trying to find exactly what I had been looking for. In the end, we are happy with our decision to purchase this desk.

It fits our home office space perfectly, and has just enough storage to accommodate our current needs.


Click here to get current Amazon pricing for this desk.


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